So Much Yarn



Whenever I finish a project it takes eons for me to get truly inspired by another one. And yet I must have something to do, otherwise I will start screaming madly at the weather and that is pointless. Truly pointless.

The sun is finally shining today and we didn’t get 12 inches of snow as other places did in the frozen north. I’m feeling hopeful. Now if I could decide what to start next.

To be fair, I do have three things on the needles. Two socks, a pair for me and one for my son. I got to the heel flap, heel turn and am now decreasing the gusset on the first of my son’s socks. Mine is ready for the heel flap thing. It’s been a while since I made socks so I had to browse my directions again to set up the heel flap etc.  Note to self – yarn that looks like a barber pole splits when picking up for the gusset. Buy better sock yarn.

I do have an awesome cardigan pattern I’ve done before


and it was so much fun. This is Carol Sunday’s Old Town and knitting it was as great as wearing it. I have Syrah in Quince and Co. Ternquince-and-co-tern-syrah_1024x1024

and I’m thinking another one of these would be perfect for that yarn. Luckily some of it is wound so I can cast on. That’s another thing, winding yarn.

I’m sure it’s not just me but I do find yarn winding boring which makes starting a new project a drag. I must adjust my attitude because hardly anyone will wind your yarn for you without charge. Sigh.

I also finished the medallion quilt top. Now I just have to find the backing and get batting, put it down and quilt it. This one is going to be quilted by hand just because it’s big and I don’t want to struggle with it on the machine. Not to mention hand quilting looks better. But a finished thing in the sewing room brings on the same “What next” feeling and I struggle with starting something new. I have plenty of ideas, no enthusiasm which this long winter has drained from my spirit! Maybe with enough sun, it will come back.




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Good idea! I don’t wind it all at once unless it’s a multi-color project 🙃

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  2. April Munday says:

    I also find winding yarn boring, but I settle down with something to watch on the telly or listen to on the radio and get stuck in. I also don’t wind all the yarn at the beginning.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I just don’t care for the shape with the weird end that looks like a thong to me! I could fade another pattern ………

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  4. I think you mentioned not getting on the Find Your Fade bandwagon but with your color sense I think you could put together a unique colorful one:)


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