Some Things Just Can’t Be Finished

This is one of those things. I did finish this “shlanket” night before last.


This is Outline by Beata Jezek from Hedgehog Fibres. Both of them are, the pink and blue one being the first I started knitting and the red/pink/gold one I like. The lightish one, no. Last night, while putzing around with it, I decided it could go to the great WIP resting place and never be finished. After all, I only need one loud shawl to wear when it’s cold and I have a couple.

This decision freed my mind to go on to other projects hanging. I’m now working on another sweater for my son, this time out of Lark in the color way Canvas by Quince. This is so relaxing after having to change colors over and over and peaceful because it is one color, and worsted weight yarn.

I have many other patterns I’d like to make and spending time on something that thrills me not, I cannot do. After all, I’m old and my son doesn’t need to have to throw out all my unfinished projects.

I’ve been plugging away at my Medallion Quilt – made from a collection of Dargate Prussian Blue fabrics (with tobacco brown) from Reproduction Fabrics. I bought the fabrics as a kit back in 2008 and am just now getting around to using them. This is one of the many fabrics included in that kit.


I quickly decided to make my own pattern and had already cut the fabrics into 4.5 inch squares and triangles. The medallion part of the quilt is made up of triangle blocks and then bordered on all sides. I am at the stage now where the final squares are being added to the “short” side. Three more rows of 4.5 inch blocks – of which I need 29 – and it will be a finished top.

The colors in the kit included lovely off-white and light beige prints as well as the Prussian blue and tobacco browns. This will be for my son, who seems to be winning the making sweepstakes around here, what with a sweater on the needles and a quilt under the sewing machine.

I had a bit of a WHOOPS the other day. My new Bernette Chicago 7 decided to get finicky. I took off the faceplate, the bobbin, the hook and cleaned it. Then I couldn’t get the drop-in hook back in. I panicked. At one point I definitely had it in wrong because the needle stopped and a giant exclamation point appeared on my screen, and it made a bad noise. Between an alarm and a beep. I couldn’t find a picture of how the hook should look anywhere. Not on-line and not in my manual. Finally I called the shop. They had no clue because Bernina uses a hook that is inserted vertically. Hmm. Finally I just put it in and tried to sew again. Whew. It worked. And oddly enough, the weird spinning noise the bobbin had been doing, stopped. Guess it’s okay now and the weird spinning noise was probably from the hook being seated wrong.

I am ignoring the world-confusion. I get “feelings” being one with the Sight and I knew something was up. And then the terror attack in London happened. It was hard not to automatically assume it was terrorism when the first reports were about people being mowed down on a bridge by a car. I do not understand this world-confusion at all. I particularly do not understand why this is happening. What is the purpose? Are there so many depraved human beings that the world is now being manipulated by them? Is there never to be any peace anywhere? Questions I don’t ask in meditation because there all is peace. Out there, in the world-confusion, there is none. I chose to believe it doesn’t matter. It is horrible to watch though, horrible to contemplate that a person can do these things to others all the while screaming about God. This has nothing to do with God, that I do know. Whatever their complaints, they are not driven by a love of God.

And so today I go back to my knitting, my sewing, ignoring the news, laughing at some things that leak through and shaking my head over others. I do have questions though ……… I’m sure that when I am not seeing through a mirror darkly, they will be answered.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely! I just looked at it and went UGH!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I believe : when in doubt rip it out:)


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