High on my list of “Things I Do” is reading. I can remember 1) Mom getting extremely upset with me because she would talk to me and I wouldn’t listen (nose in a book) 2) when I ran out of books I would read the encyclopedia which was that interesting 3) wanting to buy the whole set of Nancy Drew books for $35 advertised in the local newspaper and not managing to get my parents to spring for it.

I finish a book every 2 days. My husband, at one point, informed me that we could not afford my reading habit so I had better start using the library. Little did he know that I already did, but I had to buy books too. Sigh. I started getting MORE books free and buying less.

I bought so many books at one time I had to start selling them. I caught the old book bug in 1996, along with the old quilt bug. I have sold books that I am so upset I sold I cannot even think about them. I have visions of finding them again. I have bought whole libraries, only to find a $1500 first edition with dust jacket lurking in the box plus another $350 first edition and goodness knows how much else I made. I bought that library for $500.

Now I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and while I will always love actual books with a cover and paper pages, I love my Kindle. I adore my Kindle because 1) it is light 2) it is backlit so I can read at night with no light shining on the screen 3) I can adjust the print (ahem) and 4) there are no words stuck in the binding of the book where I have to bend it back. I have been yelled at for bending back the spine of a book borrowed from my son. He got over it.

Of those 11,862.50 books I calculated I’ve read SO FAR, many of them have been reread. I so enjoy some books that reading through them 2 or 3 times is like reading it for the first time. I read things I missed the first time.

When I was in my late teens, nothing pleased me more than to read about foreign locations. This might have been my downfall. There are a few settings of books that have made me want to “be there”. One such setting is anything to do with an island and we all know how that worked out for me. Reading about it and living on one is totally different. I had island claustrophobia and the minute I got on the island, I needed off. I couldn’t take it. I felt so isolated I thought I would die. Well it was isolated. With only 140,000 full-time residents, the island wasn’t overly populated, probably because 1) it was so damn windy you could lose your mind 2) it was cold for 6 months of the year 3) there was no hi-speed internet where I lived 3) I couldn’t just order things on-line from the US without paying GST and duty. So I got off that island.

When I moved to Maine I was pretty excited about the library here and it is wonderful. There are even electronic books to be downloaded. I’m unsure why, but every 6 months I have to call and renew my library card which annoys me no end. So I use Kindle Unlimited.

For 9.99 per month, I have read the whole catalog of mysteries by Gladys Mitchel. I think there are 77 or so, maybe more. Mitchel’s books, while containing the same characters in 73 of them and different but same in 4 of them, do not follow a formula. Each one is different and each one can be read whenever, no need to read them in order.

I’m currently on a George Bellairs kick. He was a bank manager who wrote 55 novels (not all of them re-published in Kindle format YET but I am hoping) and eventually retired to the Isle of Man. Well there you go. A foreign location AND an island. I am in Heaven. Yes, these are getting read twice ……… I keep telling myself I can stop and read some of the other 50 or so books waiting on Kindle, but I can’t.


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