How’d That Happen?

A couple of days ago, I decided to take my leftover scraps from this quilt


and slap them down on Vilene. Here I am, thinking I’m so creative and I’ve found a way to make an “art” piece and I’m excited by the prospect.

Well ………. I finished it yesterday. I must say all those little pieces took forever to sew down on the Vilene. I had to go in several different directions, putting one after the other to fully cover the substrate. And then I looked at it.

It is a crazy quilt. It is nothing spectacular and no I didn’t invent it. I just made a huge crazy quilt block …………  I just copied something 200 years old ……… although I did make all the fabric. Every last little scrap was hand dyed by me. Now if I can only find a new medium for it ……… back to the drawing board.




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  1. Jan Lewis says:

    Make a journal cover with it – it’d look wonderful 🙂


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