Dottie and Esme

Nothing makes me happier than pictures of puppies and kittens. If I had my way (if my kitty wasn’t a big hissy thing that would get seriously PO’d if another “animal” came into this house) I would have a dozen of each. At least, maybe more if I could figure out how to feed them all.

Seriously cat food is expensive. Yesterday, knowing that I needed to stock up on choices (she doesn’t like the same kind of food all the time) I bought 42 cans of wet cat food and a bag of dry cat food. It came to just under $50 at the grocery store. I can’t even multiply that by a round dozen. And that’s not all her food for the month either because there were already 30 cans consumed in the first 15 days of the month. And she doesn’t eat a lot.


But you see what I mean. These little critters are cute and they need homes and I do have that. Could you pass up these two?


Or these?


The eyes on the little gray guy are amazing. And then how about these fellas?


Adorable, no?

I’ve done the dog/cat thing. I’ve always been a dog person and I married a cat person. One year my husband kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I said “A dog.” Well the guys didn’t think that was a good idea for some reason, but I did. And just before Christmas I received a phone call from our vet. They had a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier that a family couldn’t keep. She had been one of a pair and her sister died. Long story but it was heartbreaking. They got another Yorkie to keep her company and the second Yorkie was a growly, barky, nasty little dog and Dottie hated her with a passion. Knowing that no one would keep the barky, growly one, the family decided they would have to give up their lovely Dottie. Well, she became my lovely Dottie.

She was a mellow pup, never getting upset when strangers were around. She did like to run so she always had to go outside on a leash unless the yard was fenced. And even though our backyard was fenced, she could get through some of the holes in that fence so she stayed on that leash.

She slept with me and she sat next to me in the mornings while I drank my coffee. I finally found a great groomer for her (Yorkies need hairdos!) and one day Dottie’s biggest fear came true. The groomer had a kitty that needed a home. Enter Esme.


She was the most beautiful little tuxedo cat with just one tiny black spot on her tummy. She had a pink nose and she hummed like a steam engine. She was adorable. Naturally I called my husband at work and told him about the kitty. He stopped by on his way home from work and voila’ we became a dog/cat home.

These two gave me all sorts of fits. Dottie wasn’t pleased at all and yet Esme was so cute I had to hold her. I had to make time for both of them so I watched how long I held one before I put her down and got the other one on my lap. They chased each other around the house. Well, Esme chased Dottie until Dottie got tired of it and backed Esme into the corner.

One morning I get up and Esme isn’t in her little house sleeping. She’s on the couch with Dottie. She is giving Dottie’s tummy a bath. Hmm. These are the two girls who fought like, well, cats and dogs. Hmm. Seems they were putting on a show for the humans.

Sadly I lost Dottie on Thanksgiving Day in 1997 and Esme followed her to that great playroom in December of 2007. Neither one of them were with us long enough. But now, thanks to the two of them, I have my baby. She’s meaner than either one of them and huffy with it. She will hiss at strangers and if you make too much noise – she will hide. She’ll cuddle up to sleep with me every night and she’s even starting to ask me if it’s time to go to bed. Heaven forbid I go upstairs early because she’ll run into the bedroom and look over her shoulder to see if I’m coming. She’s my girl.




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