Change Please

I keep looking at the weather forecast. Then I whimper. I keep hoping it will change and the major Nor’Easter they keep talking about will go away. It’s March, not December or January or February. I know. We always get a snowstorm the middle of March. When the Roman dude said “Beware the Ides of March” he was talking to us about snow.

Of course I had my excitement yesterday with a totally flat tire and being totally incapable of almost anything mechanical, I called Union Street Towing and they put on my emergency spare tire. I cannot even express how grateful I am to those folks. I’m thinking that since this car is 9 years old it may be time to get AAA so I can have all the necessary emergency stuff done. But then I’m not sure because what if an emergency doesn’t happen? For sure new tires will happen in April but even new tires wouldn’t have prevented that nail getting into it!!!!!!

I decided to call about getting my tire fixed rather than just showing up. Since the whole state is preparing for disaster, I figured others might have their cars in for repair. So instead of going at 8:30, I’m heading to Bangor Tire at 1:00. Until then, I’m going to play in my room.

I have been colder in the house these last couple of days than I’ve been all winter. I can feel the breeze blowing through the house. When we bought this place my husband said it had been insulated. Well, obviously not enough! I love living in a 102 year old home, but I wish it had 1-year-old features. Like a self-cleaning pellet stove or maybe even (yikes) natural gas which is right out at our street just waiting to be piped into my home. Such a luxury that would be. No oil to order, no oil chicken to play (that’s when the tank is almost as low as the bank account) and no freezing to death in the winter. Maybe. I would probably be just as cold with natural gas.

I’m still working on the medallion quilt top and I’m getting to the point where it is about big enough. I want it to fit my son’s full size bed and when it gets there, I’m done and ready to put it down. He has already requested straight quilting – none of that squiggly kind that is about the only possibility on a machine. Since this one is out of quilting fabric and not the cotton poplin I dye, I can quilt this by hand. I just need a backing and I will be ready to spend some meditative time quilting ……… if I can put down the knitting, that is.

This is almost done. I have done three repeats of the colors and my last repeat will be twice the number of rows for each color. This will be one long shawl/blanket otherwise known as a shlanket!!!!!!!!


This is almost all Hedgehog Fibres yarn. I love the Sin and the Jelly together and Villain fits right in. The purple/pink/black is a Potluck and I’ve used another Potluck which is the yellow. I love the Outline pattern from Beata as it is mindless knitting. I have the other one, here that needs finishing too and it is huge!


This was started because I wanted to use some of my hand painted yarn and some speckles together. It’s just a teensy bit bubblegum! I feel a yarn winding spell coming on so I think there will be another shlanket in the works soon. This time it’s going to be this one.


Picture: Miki Barlok
Picture: Miki Barlok

I think this is appropriately gorgeous. I’ll be using two of my hand painted yarns, Shiver, Electric, Typewriter and Sorry Not Sorry. Wild!

At least if we do get 100 feet of snow tomorrow, I’ll have something to do ………..



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  1. AAA is worth the money even if you don’t use the towing, tire changing, bring me gas features. They offer discounts for lots of places, discount insurance, travel stuff and reduced price movie tickets. Here in Massachusetts we can even do registry of motor vehicles stuff at AAA locations. That is worth every penny to me. I hope to never go to the registry of motor vehicles again:)
    Your slanket is lovely. The colors are beautiful.
    I hope you don’t get too badly slammed with snow. We’ve been told 12-18 inches here. I’m so not looking forward to shoveling that.

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