Playing Around

That’s definitely a picture of playing around. I decided one day to just pick up bits of color and embroider them down to a piece of Vilene – which is this stabilizing sort of stuff that disintegrates in water. Then I did something typical for me – I used a steam iron on it. Not, of course, thinking there was any connection between water and steam …… why ever would I equate the two???????

It shriveled up. Kind of cool actually. I could see a whole big piece of this put onto some kind of solid surface and hung. Well, maybe not in your home, but it would look right at home in mine. Food for thought should I ever get the urge to do this again.

Since the flat tire problem is semi-solved for the moment, after much screaming at each other between my son and I – I can go to the sewing studio and get my brains back. I must quit panicking so badly when there’s something I don’t know how to do. My first thought is to damn my husband to hell for dying on me before he taught me how to do everything myself. Because see, my son informed me today he is not like his father and has no more clue how to do these things than I do. I should have known because his Dad spent little time instructing him how to do Mr. Fix It things. And my Dad was even better at it than my husband. Put my husband near anything that required carpentry skills and you were cruising for a bad turn out. Like the time they were building our deck and my husband was putting the little rails in the thingie that goes around the deck – what is that called? Dad gave him a block of wood and told him to hold it between each spindle as he was screwing them down. Well, he didn’t. So all the little spindle thingies were crooked and had to be taken out and done again. My Dad was livid.

After advising my son that no matter what crisis befell me, even with his Dad around, I still had to cope on my own, (sob) we called a halt to hostilities. I have a book somewhere entitled “I Took A Hammer in My Hand and Did It Myself.” I need to locate that book.

Back to doing what I do know how to do. I need to spend some time with a piece of paper and some colored pencils and figure out a pattern for my Northcott Gradations fabrics. I want something that flows from light to dark I think. Or else I don’t, in which case I can just start grabbing fabrics and put them in a form I find pleasing. And then? I’m going to take a nap. It’s been quite a day …………


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