Not Good

Update! I don’t know why I keep forgetting Union Street Towing – that phone number is going on my refrigerator from now on out! They had replaced my battery early this winter and now my favorite repair guy came and put the emergency spare on the rear and the rear tire on the front. I guess with Subaru’s the good tire must be on the front. LOL I had no idea. So I’m good to go to the tire repair place in the morning and get the stupid thing fixed. Come April, my spending thrill will be a new set of tires. I wish it could be a new car ……….

Damn. That’s all I can say. While heading out to the store to grab snowstorm essentials, I noticed a funny noise coming from my car. Hmm.

Once at the place of snowstorm essentials, I looked at it. Hmm. Flat tire. No wonder it felt odd. Hmm. It’s Sunday. There are no tire repair places open on Sunday. Drive back home, park car. See winter storm watch on forecast. Stew in my own juices.

Ah yes this is one of those times when I need to apply the practice of equanimity to my daily life. The definition of this is:

mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation

Blah. So I think to myself 1) Is there anything I can fix about this “situation” right now? No. 2) Is it the end of the world? No. 3) Can I resolve this tomorrow? Yes. 4) Am I calm ? No. I am not. I am pissed.

The gas station fellow I stopped at – to see if he could get some air in my tire – showed me the nail in it. Oh good. Where did that come from? Are there spare nails hanging around in grocery store parking lots just waiting for my tire to ride over them? Obviously there are.

It’s Sunday, as I’ve mentioned before. I can’t get good and drunk since I didn’t make it to the snowstorm provisions place in one piece. I will have to try to get happy on Crystal Light ……….



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  1. That stinks! I’ll never forget the day my mother got a flat. When the guy at the tire place came out with the telephone pole spike he had pulled out of the tire everyone in the room was stunned. The tire was a goner:( I hope your repair goes smoothly.

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