I feel like a kid with a new chemistry set – although my parents never bought me one of those, I had friends who let me play with theirs. I must say I wasn’t thrilled with it ……… for me, experiments are only good if they produce color. Lots and lots of color ……….

I last played with my dye pots back in January and have spent the time since then sewing up my results. This quilt now provides warmth for me while I sit and knit in the evenings.


Now there’s some jolly color! And this one, which was supposed to warm up my son, has turned into the kitty’s favorite sleeping place. Well, one of her favorite sleeping places. She will sleep anywhere.


I do love the sprinkle and spray method of dyeing I’ve used in these pieces


and I’m going to use this same method for the next batch. I could use some larger containers so I’m going to scout around the house and see what I can find. I’m thinking kitty litter pans would be the perfect size and would allow me to dye the fabrics almost flat. That’s what I’m after …….

It seems I will be stuck in the house again soon. Now all of the ice has melted, the snow has receded to the point where you don’t even notice it. And yes, the St. Patrick’s Day storm (which we get every year) is coming a few days early this year. They’ve already named it Stella and it will be here Monday through Wednesday, dumping a foot to a foot and a half of snow. This time I will remember to move my car back to the end of the driveway. I could live without a major Nor’Easter in March. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care that we’re tired of winter here.

So while she’s howling and snowing and making merry hell of our hopes and dreams for spring, I’m going to tuck into the dye pots and see what happens. It could be amazing.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Another one! Boy I’ll be glad when it’s June!!!!!!!

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  2. The quilts are gorgeous!! I’m glad you’ve got something fun planned for the storm:)


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