Playing with Value


It’s been years since I have gone into a quilt shop and looked at fabric, in real life. I bought fabric on-line, if I bought fabric for quilts. I have been knitting and sewing clothing for the last few years. I only decided to quilt again in 2015 and then I dyed my own fabrics.

Last month I had the thrill of a lifetime, again, and I bought a Bernette Chicago 7 which I couldn’t afford but got it anyway. I am bad that way. This machine is fantastic and has features my old Bernina 440QE didn’t even have, including an embroidery module. Will I ever use the embroidery module? Maybe. Probably.

After my successful initiation into my machine, ย I went back to the quilt store earlier this month and fell in love with Northcott Fabrics Stonehenge Gradations. I purchased Blue Planet, Iron Ore, Robin’s Egg and Hibiscus 5″ charms. Then I set about thinking of my design for the Blue Planet, Iron Ore and this group, Oxidized Copper, which I purchased this morning.


These are the ones I had

And then I bought some yardage to go along with these this morning





These are fantastic together and are going to be helpful when plotting out my quilt top. I now have 126 different 5″ squares in the three groupings plus the Oxidized Copper yardage to put with them. Squee!!!!!!!!!

How wonderful to find a quilt shop where I feel welcome and where there is an abundance of gorgeous fabric to buy. Not to mention all my notions, threads, template plastic, rulers, batting, etc. No longer will I have to pay shipping (if I don’t buy $100 worth!)

When I first started quilting in 1987, I wasn’t savvy enough to know the difference between quilt shop fabric and fabric store fabrics. Quilt fabric from a dedicated quilt fabric shop is Grade A greige goods that is printed with the manufacturer’s design. Discount fabrics may be the same design but they are printed on lesser quality greige goods. This means they won’t last as long and the designs aren’t as vibrant. You might save $3 a yard, but it isn’t worth it. My quilt shop owner friend educated me well!

Now I have these beautiful fabrics to play with, once I’m done with my medallion quilt top ……… and I also bought some fabric for dyeing, just to give it a try to see how the colors do on it!

Life is good, riches abound.



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  1. suth2 says:

    You sound as if you are in a happy place.


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