Wanderlust is always upon me. For years I wanted to move after about 8 years of living in one place – except for some places I lived when I wanted to move within 6 months of living there, like Canada.

Oddly enough, now that I am in this house, this 102 year old house, I don’t want to move. I love this house. I have lots of work to do here and some I cannot afford to do, but I don’t care. It feels like home finally. The house is too big for the two of us, but we manage to fill each room with something.

My sewing studio, which used to be my bedroom, is now functional. I am not claustrophobic in that room as I was in the tinier room I now use as a bedroom. And the bedroom feels cozy, not cramped. I don’t know why I didn’t think of changing out the rooms sooner.

I have an upstairs sun room that has not enough insulation. I wish it did because it is a gorgeous room with windows on three sides – new windows too. I’m going to see if I can’t get an infrared heater in there and make that room usable all year long. Of course I will need to put in an air conditioner in the summer. It gets horribly hot in there ………. luckily I will have a spare air conditioner once I get my portable one for my bedroom. It would be nice to use no air conditioner at all. It may be possible this year.

My kitchen is a wreck. I started painting it and haven’t finished. I need new countertops, a sink and a new faucet. Not to mention a dishwasher. I could use a new kitchen altogether but seem to lake $25K for the job.

My staircase needs painting. My late DH sanded off the banisters and never painted them. He lost interest. So I will need to do this once I figure out how long it takes for paint to dry not only on the handrails, but on the steps themselves. I can do half and then the other half. But I have a kitty and I will need to lock her in a room to keep her paws off the wet paint. She will not be happy. And our lives depend on kitty being happy around here.

I’ve never heard boo from the landscaping place I wrote to. So knock them out. Jeez now they don’t even respond to an inquiry about work for them???????? See, drug dealers!!!!!!!!!! Who needs to work when you can push drugs????????????

I’m on a quest for someone else to do the tough stuff. And then the container garden will come to life. My plans include either the privacy fence or huge trees. One or the other. I think the kids can get through trees so I think it will be the privacy fence and prickly bushes on the inside of it. If they get over the fence, they’ll get stuck with thorns. Ha.

I’m in the sewing studio today working on my quilt from reproduction fabrics ……… playing with the Stonehenge gradients I purchased on Friday and generally having fun. Then tonight I can watch more TV about Obama wiretapping Trump Towers, which I find totally believable.

I thought it was odd that everything leaked out about Flynn having conversations with the Russian ambassador and the leak about the “dossier” that was so false. Leak after leak after leak. Not coming from the Trump White House, but the Obama White House. I have no trust in Obama or his Cook County Crooks. Benghazi was cause because of a video, there’s a red line with Syria, we didn’t give money to Iran as ransom for our sailors, you can keep your plan, James Rosen is a co-conspirator ………. we didn’t give weapons to the bad guys in Mexico ……… you name it. They did it.

I’m glad our president is fighting back against all the tactics intended to keep him from accomplishing anything. A scandal a day keeps work away. No. It’s time to fight now. Time to get down in the mud with the pigs and get them done. Once and for all. Enough with their ridiculous political agenda. Take them down. Put them in jail. Makes me smile.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I have no clue why the people are all like this! It’s amazing. I can’t get anyone to do any work in the yard either. I think I’ll just slash and burn it – then at least the fire department will come! Ha!

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  2. I always had that itch to move until the house I’m in now too. It’s small and crowded for 4 of us now that the kids are adult sized. It needs lots of work, new bathrooms, new kitchen, new windows and new siding. We haven’t been able to get anyone to do the work. They’ll come look at the job but never get back with a price.
    Enjoy your Sunday:)


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