Planets in Alignment ………


Back in the day when I was a working psychic, I also “did” astrology. I don’t know how else to say that, except that I also provided the service of an astrological reading if the client requested it.

I had a doctor who was a nice man and, for some reason, felt that astrological readings were “scientific” but Tarot readings weren’t. Whatever. I told him, over and over, that it was the same information, different method. He still wanted the astrology reading.

Now I read myself. No actually what I do if I am finding myself in the midst of arguments that I do not understand or when people are getting the hell up in my business and annoying the holy shit out of me, I check my chart. I can always find an excuse!

Today’s excuse is Mars. As it always is, being as how I have Mars conjunct my ascendant (plus Saturn and Neptune – all three of them – sitting there making life hell). Today, transiting Mars is opposite my natal Mars. Shit no kidding.

I am a solitary person by choice. I am quite happy in my own little world, not dealing with folks, not listening to them chatter, on and on and on. Occasionally I come out of my solitude and look around. I go back way quick.

Today I have been annoyed by someone I do like and only occasionally want to shout “Shut Up” to at the top of my voice. I need to back out of that relationship just a bit now ………. get me some space. And then I live with an adult child.

No matter how old he is, I see him as my child. I don’t know of any other way to look at it. However, he’s odd. Today he gets pissed off at me for no good reason. I guess maybe I was fretting about something, but hey I have to. He’s the child. I think maybe it’s time to let him balance the budget, decide how much to spend on food, pay all the bills and generally manage life. He should be doing that anyway and the only reason he doesn’t is because I don’t want to live under new management. I’m management, he’s not.

Rather than run upstairs and act like I’m mad, I’m taking a new course here. I’m not going to worry about it. If he wants to huff, let him huff. I’m sick of interacting with people. Time for the cave ……….


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