March 2

I have to remind myself of this. Every day brings a new phony outrage from the left. And now it seems our highly unsuccessful former president has joined up with his highly unsuccessful cronies to “bring down” the Trump presidency. I guess they hope to get him impeached. Since he won’t be screwing an intern in the Oval Office, I don’t think that will happen. But they will make our lives miserable, day in and day out, which is all they know how to do. After all, Obama did it for 8 years …… why should he stop now?

This Russia connection stuff is starting to annoy me beyond words. Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ACCUSED of meeting with a Russian Ambassador during the campaign. What the story fails to report is that he was an acting senator on the Armed Services Committee. So, he’s a senator on the Armed Services Committee and he’s not supposed to meet with an ambassador that’s FOREIGN??????? Let’s check and see if Schemer or Pelosi met with any ambassadors. After all, Pelosi was running for office and I’m not sure if Schumer was up this go around (he wins all the time because he’s bought New York) but I’d like to know if a Russian crossed the threshold of their offices.

All I can say is the more they do this, the better 2018 and 2020 look. We’re not going to stop because they keep throwing fake dirt. We’re going to find some real dirt and throw it instead. Let’s get some research going – find out what those lily-livered democrats with a little d are doing in their spare time. We need a taped conversation with them plotting how to subvert the government. Starting with those Obama administration leftovers leaking everything.

First thing I’d do? Fire every one of those Obama leftovers. Get them out and get them out now. I don’t care if it’s in the intelligence community and they’re trained spies and I don’t care if they’re serving coffee in the White House – get them and get them quick.

They keep acting as if the election isn’t over, as if anything they do can change what is and what is is (Bill this is for you) Donald J. Trump is president. Now, they can either get on board and get something done for the country, or keep bringing up hysterically false information and making a “scandal” out of nothing so that nothing gets done except investigations. We’ve had a bellyful of investigations since Watergate. It’s time to actually do some work.

I have a dream (remember that speech?). My dream is I get to go to Washington D.C., meet with Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and Holder and I get to slap them all upside their heads. I mean hard. Hard enough to make their eyes water. Looking forward to it. I always get what I dream about.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I would give everything I own to smack them! I swear what with the snide remarks about Mrs. Owens and now this ……. they’re not going to stop. They’re ugly and they will stay ugly!

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  2. Trump’s speech was so inclusive (isn’t that what they wanted?) and everything he wants to do is good for the country. Wait, that’s what they don’t want. They want to tear down the country. They’ll do anything to get it. I hope you do get to slap those bullies. Standing up to them is the only thing that will make them stop.


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