Makes Me Crazy

Someday I hope I can look outside and see something like this. It is warmer now, if you think that 48 degrees is warm. We still have some snow on the ground, you know, the nasty black kind.

This morning I got busy in the sewing room. I found an already cut out quilt top that I am going to piece together. It’s nice. The colors are blues, browns and neutrals in old-fashioned prints. I think it will be a nice quilt when finished.

I’m getting used to a new machine. It has the drop-in bobbin hook which isn’t a thing I like. I’d prefer the good old Bernina CB hook set up, but beggars cannot be choosers. There is no way I can afford a Bernina of any use to me. I might could get one of their entry-level models, but let’s face it, entry level is entry level.

I had trouble sewing for a few blocks. My tension was off and I had no idea why. I kept rethreading the machine and finally rethreaded the bobbin. That seemed to do it. Then it seemed the bobbin was spinning too much so I made sure (12 or 13 times) that the bobbin was in the hook correctly. I guess it is. I have no way of knowing. I don’t know why I’m supposed to put it through the tension hook and then when it sews it comes off that tension hook – every time. I do not get it. When I can muster more patience, I will try it again.

Since it’s the last day of February, Thank.God., I figure my patience will come back tomorrow. I am looking way forward to March 1. I’m planning a lot of fun things in March ………. knowing even so that it probably will snow again …….

Today I ordered a prescription on-line. I get a phone call from my doctor’s office so I call them back. They tell me they’ve called the prescription in, but that I need to make an appointment to “establish” with my new provider. I have a “Welcome to Medicare” visit scheduled next week – they have no idea what that is but here’s the deal – I’m not paying for it so they’d better bill it right or else eat the money. Anyway I say to the receptionist “I have an appointment next week.” Meaning, are you all so flipping dim you can’t look on the same page where you got my phone number and tell that I ALREADY HAVE AN APPOINTMENT?????? Makes me crazy. I’m going next week – I will get my prescriptions and then I’m finding another provider. These people are lazy AND nuts.

Tonight is the State of the Union which I probably won’t watch. I might. I’m not sure yet. At any rate the airways and Twitter-ways will be full of nasty and not nasty comments. I can almost write them all. Like the upset because Kellyanne Conway was kneeling with her shoes off on a sofa in the Oval Office. Let’s recall what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office before we get all upset about Kellyanne. And then, we find out she was finding a place to get a photo of all of the people visiting President Trump. Maybe she should have hung from the ceiling????????

Makes me crazy. The people who have no respect for anything whatsoever are getting upset because a woman kneels on a couch. She should have told them she was praying for their souls ……..

Yep I’m annoyed. Tomorrow I won’t be.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Being old enough for Medicare was a shock. My parents are in their 60s …… well, no they’re gone but I feel like they’re in their 60s!

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  2. I think if she said she was praying they might have exploded:)
    New sewing machines are hard to get used to. I’ve had mine for thirty years and I still have to use the instructions to thread the thing. It’s different than what I learned on in junior high.
    Good luck with the doctor and the prescriptions. Medical care is off the rails. I hope we can get it back.

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  3. 20017crochet says:

    Girl..I’m right with you! Its like they don’t have enough time on their hands but to worry about what others are doing…

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