I just had to stick a summer-like picture up there, I really did. You would think summer is right around the corner here. While the midwest is having a blizzard (excuse me while I laugh hysterically) we’re getting RAIN. Yes, rain.

It got up to 59 degrees here today and it could stay there forever if it wants to. I adore this old house of mine but seriously, the utilities are a killer. Especially in the winter when I run the heat pump 24 hours a day and sometimes my infrared fireplace heater too. And then comes summer. I switch the heat pump to air conditioning and run it – but not 24 hours a day. This year we’re upgrading our upstairs air conditioners and going portable, not stick in window kind. We will like those.

On the subject of utilities, I received a voice mail message from an automated bill-annoyer from my electric company. I was instructed to call customer service but that had shut down 1.5 hours before the automated fella called me. So I got to worry about it all night.

I knew I’d paid my bill. I waited until 8 am this morning and called them. It seems I accidentally paid 6 cents too little on my payment. Hmm. I get a nasty automated phone call for 6 cents. Tsk Tsk Tsk. That’s where the title comes from. The girl put the 6 cents onto my next payment. Jeez I bet they could have done that without calling me and making me nervous for 12 hours. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Imagine me shaking my head in complete disbelief.

Now that we’ve covered the utility bills, let’s talk more about the weather. The rain will start tonight and continue for quite a while. It will be heavy rain. The snow, currently sitting in 5 feet drifts all over town, will melt. The ice on the rivers is going to thaw what with the 59 degree temps and all that rain. Some of the ice will move downstream, creating what we know as ice jams. They are not fun if you have a house on the river. Luckily, I don’t. I have a basement which will be the new home of all that snow that’s going to melt. That’s okay. I cleaned that basement out three years ago and there is nothing down there at all except the washer and dryer and if I could figure it out, they wouldn’t be either. Of course the monolithic boiler is down there, but it’s built up on a hunk of concrete that the water doesn’t climb. Thank. God.

While I’m waiting for the utility bills to go down (I think we should all have free utility bills – why do we have to pay for this stuff?) I decided to finish my sweater – known as the Laura cardigan by Style Arc. The finished shot


It is huge. I can see wearing this during the winters here …… just my favorite colors for wearing around the house!

I also made this earlier


This is grey stretch velour and it’s pretty comfy too. So now I have almost a complete outfit for lounging around the house in. I just need some new leggings – luckily that came with these two patterns in a set from Style Arc. The top is actually the Laura Dress I shortened to make it a top. I’ve made several of these, they fit well, the yoke provides interest and they’re comfortable. Someday I might actually make the dress but I have that same old problem – where would I wear it?????? Nowhere!

I was thinking about a trip to Paris – you know – dreaming. I looked at the airfare from Norwegian Airlines because they’re going to start flying from the States to Europe for as low as $65 one way. Yep, I could afford that. Actually the round trip airfare to Paris was $492 and I could afford that too. Then a room for a week or so and some food and I’m all set. I do need to renew my passport though so that should be first. I went to the State Department’s travel website. OK. Well. Here’s the thing. There’s a worldwide warning for Americans who contemplate traveling outside the country including to places in Europe that have had terrorist attacks …….. um. Maybe I’ll think about it. Somehow it seems less appealing ……

Supper is done ……. eggs in a basket tonight ……. my own personal trip to Cracker Barrel without actually going. Now back to knitting …….


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  1. I like your top. Is there a pattern number or did you buy a dress that you adjusted? Thank you.


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