February lasts forever. This is a fact of life. I wish there was a way to get it out of the calendar each year so we in the frozen north wouldn’t have to live through it. But yet I persist in making things to make the time fly …………

There are always thousands of patterns I find on Ravelry that I want to do. This is one of those. There’s a lot of flexibility in this pattern since you can use any weight yarn and any size crochet hook. The only problem is my crochet skills are old and rusty, kind of like me. However, I will persist.

I spent some time sorting looking at my fabric collection a couple of days ago. I used to have lots of quilting fabrics and sigh I sold them all. I need to start re-collecting quilting fabric ……. but I have quite enough fabric for making tops and bottoms and such-like. I could make clothes for a year, I’m pretty sure. The problem is wearing them. It isn’t that I don’t want to wear them, it’s that I never go anywhere TO WEAR THEM. I’m thinking I’m going to have to plan trips so I can wear my new clothes.

Probably won’t do that. Traveling by yourself isn’t all that great. There’s no one there to point out something to and say “Wow isn’t that cool?” The built-in companionship of a long marriage is gone when one of you is gone.  Not that my husband was a great traveler, no. He hated traveling and would much rather stay at home listening to music tweaking his stereo system. I got him on a plane a couple of times, and on a train twice or three times. I love traveling, even when I have to travel for something not a lot of fun, like putting his mother in a nursing home or stuff like that. Anyway, he’s gone now so we don’t have to fight about where we’re going. Now I think about going somewhere, my son says no way I’m going, and I say oh. Well, maybe I won’t go.

So why make clothes? I wear t-shirt (thermal long-sleeved shirts now with a Warm and Cuddly shirt under them and a hoodie over the top or a big wool sweater if it is super cold) and jeans. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my NYDJ. I have one pair that fits in the one size smaller than I normally take and one that is too big because I didn’t know to get one size smaller. I plan on increasing my stock of NYDJ this spring.

Speaking of this spring, ahem, will it ever come? I have been looking at spinning wheels thinking I would get one and start spinning yarn. Last night it dawned on me that 1) I have enough hobbies 2) I can barely fit in everything I do and 3) the money I would spend on a wheel would get me something else I’d much rather have. Like a savings account, a trip to Paris (see there I go again but I don’t care because I could go to Paris by myself that would be fine) or a bunch of neato keeno great tools for the kitchen, like a new food processor, a Vitamix and an indoor grill and maybe some new dishes, a rug for my dining room, a dining room table, furnishings for my yet to be dye studio, maybe even a sink in said studio, some landscaping in the yard (still haven’t heard back from the first landscaping company I contacted and I’m sure I won’t) and that all important quilting fabric. Not to mention I could get more yarn??????????

The spinning wheel issue is over. I’m not going to start one more thing. I have enough with quilting, dyeing fabric, knitting and making clothes. I don’t need to make my own yarn.

Yesterday I finished cutting out my Laura cardigan using a wool boucle’ knit. Let me just say that this fabric has little bumps that go everywhere when you cut it. I had black fuzzies all over the floor. Luckily I have a Swiffer with a permanent home in the sewing studio and I swiffed them all up.

The fabric is predominantly black with little poufs of pink, blue and yellow woven throughout. Or knit throughout, I should say. There is enough give in the fabric to make a nice sweater and I’ve chosen this one


There’s supposed to be a flat-felled seam joining the two collar pieces in the back. There’s no way I could do that seam with this fabric as it is way too thick. I compromised and did a normal seams and overlocked it. It doesn’t show at all because the part that shows is the wrong side of the fabric where it is just a seam, since I sewed the piece together from the right side.

I wasn’t sure how the collar was going to look because the part that will show when it is worn is the wrong side of the fabric. It is just solid black with tiny bits of the other colors showing through, whereas the front of the fabric has a gray/multicolored look to it. I asked the expert. Otherwise known as my son. He said it looked fabulous that way. Having received his approval, I went ahead with it.

Last evening I decided to knit on one of the two pairs of socks I have going. I needed a break from all the YOs and the joining together while knitting. I just wanted to go round and round and knit the sock. It’s been so long I hope I can remember how I do the heel flap and the heel turn. I’m pretty sure I can since I made 32 pair already. The socks I’m making for my son now are solid gray. Not exciting but I think he would like to have a dark, plain sock instead of wearing hot pink and orange just because I love knitting bright colors.

I used to watch the news in the evening, at least up until 7. I don’t any longer because I’m pretty tired of whatever they’re reporting on. I’ve seen it all on Twitter or on-line. The minute I sit in my chair, on goes Netflix. I wish there would be something new – or old – on Netflix. I loved 2000 Acres of Skye, Hamish Macbeth and even Ballykissangel when the shows were on PBS (except for Skye which was on BBC Canada – much better than BBC America). I watched A Home in the Country, Bargain Hunt, Hot Property and goodness knows what else on Canadian TV. I was upset when I had to miss A Home in the Country and my husband finally decided to record it for me, back in the day when we had a VCR/DVD combo. The DVD part of that thing never worked right and the DVD would stop playing at odd moments. I have a new DVD player now and it’s not even hooked up. Seems I don’t have any more inputs on something – whatever. When I want to watch something on DVD,  we’ll my son, will have to disconnect my dock for my iPod and reconnect the DVD. So far I have nothing I want to watch. Which is good because he gets a bit annoyed when I need the plugging/unplugging done. I haven’t a clue and could learn how to do it but I’m pathologically lazy and I gave birth to him and he can just do it and shut up.

Today is an open day. I’ll be sewing more on the sweater, reading again since I got up at 6 am so I can take a nap without feeling guilty. And of course, knitting.

I decided to look at the pattern I have for this


Joji Locatelli

which I dearly love. Ahem. Okay. Wow. The pattern directions are about three pages just to start the thing. The written instructions for the cabled bits, which I will follow, are long, long, long. Sigh. It is like climbing a mountain. I may get to base camp. We’ll see. I can’t start it yet because I am using both of my US 6 circular needles on other projects and I’m not buying another US 6 needle. I need to buy US 3 for this too but I’m not sure how long because the pattern doesn’t say. I’m thinking a 24″ and a 16″ since the US 3 is used for the neck ribbing and the cuffs.

That’s my day. Whatcha doing?


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know, sounds good to me! I should do the gym thing but it would be more of a yoga class thing for me. LOL if they have yoga for people who never move!!!! The gardening sounds good and I can’t wait until the snow is gone! It hasn’t melted at all even though it’s been in the 40s!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. suth2 says:

    My day will start with a visit to the gym then I am going to an Intimo morning. (The hostess is selling underwear and there is a particular style of bra that I need.) Then I will be doing some gardening before preparing for a trip to visit my sister-in-law. Nothing as interesting as your day. Heather


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