In the suchness of natural purity, there is no difference between earlier and later states. There is no difference between the time when one is an ordinary being and the point at which one is a buddha. In essence, the natural luminosity of emptiness never changes.

Mipham’s commentary on
Maitreya’s Ornament of the Great Vehicle Sūtras

What a beautiful thought. It is not that there is a state of nirvana to be achieved, but that it only need be uncovered. It is there already. It is inside all of us, waiting to break through the fear, anxiety, stress, and judgmental nature. In peace, the world-confusion disappears and the luminous qualities of understanding, compassion and love shine through.


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  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    Yes, that is a good thought. Just like the one that it does not matter whether we are aware of some things or not, they still exist.


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