The sun decided she should come up this morning and show her face. We haven’t seen her for a while here. Along with the sun, there’s the promise of temperatures in the 40s. It feels like spring.

I accomplished something yesterday. Yay! I quilted my diamond quilt by machine. I went to attach the walking foot to the machine and got out my manual. It said to use the walking foot as a last resort because everything could usually be done with a regular foot on the machine. I tried it.

Imagine a machine that will sew through three layers, one of them batting and will not pucker the bottom layer. This is the Chicago 7. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get that quilt quilted. I didn’t try any fancy freeform quilting but instead I just quilted in one direction in the ditch. For those of you who don’t quilt – that means I quilted in the seam between the diamonds, the ditch, in other words.

I’ve cut out my binding fabric which will be this


and today I will get that on. I’m not sure if I’m going to hang this quilt or not. It’s 30″ x 44 or so. It would also make a great lap quilt and here in the Frozen North, I need a lap quilt while watching TV and knitting.

I’m itching to get the dye pot going again. All my new colors are screaming from their cabinet “use me use me use me.”


There’s a lot more jars of dye on this shelf now. And it’s not so neat …… whoops. It is time to get the containers out, the dyes ready and start to work again.

I’m still on the hunt for a spinning wheel. I tell myself I don’t need another hobby and a week later I’m on-line looking at spinning wheels again. I could take a trip of 113 miles each way to try out a spinning wheel. Or I could buy the one I think is the best. That trip might be a good idea but I’m waiting until there’s no chance of snow.  That would be July.




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