Kid You Not


My car is out of its all-encompassing snow bank. No more does it sit, surrounded by 5 feet of snow, incapable of movement, frozen. It has been set free.

Not only is my lovely 4-wheel drive (Thank God for 4-wheel drive) Subaru free, it is now sitting at the end of my driveway, ready to get out into the wild world and get cat food. Maggie Boops likes cat food. She gets nasty with me if I don’t have any of that slurpy wet kind that smells so yummy first thing in the morning. No wonder I don’t eat anything until noon.

My hero, otherwise known as my son, has shoveled snow for three days. I can safely say he doesn’t want to shovel again. Ever. From now on we’ll wise up and get the car to the end of the driveway so getting out is easier. I offered to move it before this big snow but he said, it’s easy to shovel, I can do it. Until he saw the 6 foot drifts. Then he said “we should have moved the car.”

I forgot that I needed new tags on February 1. Oops. I finally remembered and ordered them right before the snowstorm. They’re finally here and now I just need to remember to put them on before I drive. Sigh. I will stick them in my purse so I can at least show the cops the stickers if I forget.

Now here’s something you’re not going to believe. I just checked the temperature outside and it’s 49 degrees. 49 beautiful, lovely, sunny degrees. Everything is dripping and there’s a bird chirping that reminds me of the birds in the woods across the road from my Grandma Hattie’s place in Foosland. She always said it was a whippoorwill but I suspect they were pigeons. Only because we have pigeons and I think that’s what’s busy singing in the sunshine.


OK enough with the weather report, I have to go check Twitter and see why everyone’s having a hissy fit today.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    BTW it’s all my own hand-dyed fabric! I love doing this stuff!

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t believe it! I checked and it was 51 yesterday at about 2! Finally got my car out so I can GET OUT of the house! No cabin fever here ………

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  3. Jennifer says:

    I think I put the picture on the wrong post! I was just so glad to get it done. I must say I do love dyeing fabric!

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  4. suth2 says:

    Your quilt looks gorgeous. I know my comment has nothing to do with the snow but I had to comment on the quilt.


  5. Your quilt is gorgeous! Look at those colors:)
    It’s 55 degrees here. I’m wondering if this is the January thaw arriving late just like the snow did. I don’t dare hope that it’s spring.


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