These two pieces of fabric make up my Diamond quilt top. Today I’m going to machine quilt it. I’m nervous.

At one point I had a Bernina with the BSR and I quilted 4 king-size quilts and one twin size on it. It wasn’t easy and I don’t think the stitch regulator helped me all that much. Controlling the bulk of the quilt meant that, for me, any fancy stitching wasn’t possible. I think for fancy, you need a long arm quilting machine. And you need not be impatient, as I am.

I’m going to practice a couple of methods, first with the walking foot. If I like that I’ll go with it. I always hand-quilted all of my 100+ quilts and I love the crosshatch quilting in old quilts. I just love old quilts actually, having bought and sold them for over 9 years. I wish I had them all back.

I am going to be buying quilts again. This time not for sale, but for me. Some of the beauties I owned, like a Marie Webster French Basket quilt made from the original kit, were priceless. As was a Michigan Cherry quilt I sold to my favorite butcher, who loved me so much he cried when I moved to Canada. I love that man.


I bought this quilt in Santa Fe, right after my husband took three priceless quilts and 12 yards of antique Japanese fabric out to the trash because they were in a garbage bag sitting on an antique rocking chair. I couldn’t believe it and I cried for days. Why would anyone put garbage on an antique rocker???? He was so busy being pissed about it he didn’t even notice the bag was soft and squishy and HEAVY. I had taken the quilts to show my friend the quilt shop owner. At least she got to see them. I frantically called the garbage man only to find out that the load was already in the landfill and there wasn’t much I could do about it – I don’t think they would have let me at the landfill. My husband almost became landfill with that move!


This is only 1/4th of the quilt. Ron wanted me to make another one for his other daughter, but I talked him into a lovely flower appliqué quilt. He adored it. I’m glad because appliquéing all those little cherries was daunting. I did manage to get one panel done ……..

I just tried out the quilting on my new machine. Awesome. I was going to attach the walking foot but the manual said to only use it as a last resort, and that most sewing could be accomplished without it. I tried it, just straight stitching in the ditch and it worked beautifully. Now I just have to want to sit at the machine for a long period. Maybe tomorrow …….

There’s a new KAL starting by Stephen West called Marled Magic. It’s a mystery KAL with clues being released once a week. Well, I’m bad with KALs. The only one I did successfully was the Sock KAL run by theknittingsarah on Ravelry. I loved that KAL. Between May of 2014 and the summer of 2015, I made enough socks for the both of us – 16 or so pairs each – and we’re still wearing them. It is time to find some more awesome sock yarn I’m not going to use for something else!!!!

That’s the work for today ……. might get a nap in soon ……..




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