What I Can Do and What I Cannot

I think I can wait until Maine looks like this photo again. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

Since our big snowstorm that dumped this in my driveway


I have spent time on the phone and computer looking for someone to clear it out. No. There is no one who will do this. I get snotty replies on the phone to my inquiry. “We have no availability for that, ” was the cool reply I got this morning. Then I called the handyman service who fixed my porch last summer just to see if they could refer anyone. Well it seems they shovel roofs. They don’t do driveways. That would be fantastic if I wanted to drive on my roof. I could give a rat’s ass about the roof. If it wants to cave in, let it.

I’ve had the same trouble finding anyone to do any work when it comes to landscaping too. I wanted someone to remove the barberry bushes in front of my home. No. They won’t do that. No. They also won’t clear off the 3 feet behind my house. They won’t do anything.

I’ve come to the conclusion that landscapers and snow removers sell drugs and therefore do not need to work for a living. They just put the info up on the net that they’ll do these things – which they won’t – so the cops won’t get suspicious when they drive their white and solid gold-trimmed Jags around the town looking for whores.

Finally the extreme necessity to get the damn car out of the driveway so I won’t go nuts has dawned on the offspring. He has shoveled some. He has yet to unearth the car. I let it be known that I am not happy about this. I can do it myself if I must.  All this anger makes for a great time shoveling. I will just get out there and get my car free. I have 4 days of cat food left. I will not let my cat go hungry.

There are days when I just don’t feel like being creative. I may or may not hit the sewing room today. I am working on a doll. I am not enjoying it. I occasionally think I would love to be a doll maker and in fact have made several. But this one is annoying. My thimble won’t stay on my finger because my finger is cold. The wig I made didn’t have enough “hair” so I had to do it over. I have to sew her arms on with a thimble that won’t stay on.

My quilt is ready for machine quilting. It must be machine quilted because it is made of cotton poplin and too dense for a hand needle to penetrate. I like the cotton poplin but I’m switching to Hoffman’s Dyers Cloth the minute I have some cash I’m not spending on food and heat.  I need to at least THINK I can get a needle through it.

Only 11 more days to this Godforsaken month. Then it will be over for a whole year. I could give a flying you know what if it never comes again. And I hope those whores have a dread disease that makes those “landscapers” and “snow removers” balls fall off.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank God no black flies here – had those on PEI BAD. The kid is doing the snow – finally. I know it’s a big job but if I talk to one more person who is lazier than shit here in Maine I will scream. I already sent a long-involved email to a landscaping company about what I want done in the spring. We’ll see if they ever bother to get back to me. Wouldn’t count on it. It’s enough to make me move.

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  2. Try contacting unusual sources for help in securing help with the snow removal. Maybe the high school has kids who would do it for the money? In the past the guy who plows my neighbor asked if he wanted him to plow our driveway. I said no. I’d rather shovel myself and use the money to buy yarn:)
    Pretty soon there will be mud and then black flies. I so miss living in Maine:)


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