Still Cranky

This is what happens during a major snowstorm when every idiot and their brother is out on the roads. After all, speed limits are just a suggestion, right?

I’ve been on I-95, well trying to get on I-95, and had a van that could not have passed inspection go around me on the on-ramp! I was flabbergasted. There was 6″ of snow. I was being cautious and looking out for what was already on I-95. No matter, idiot went around me anyway. I called 911 and reported him and his license plate. I hope they caught him, I truly do.

Yes I am still cranky. And I’m getting crankier by the minute. I cannot watch the news for long but I seem to have a Twitter fascination. I can catch up on Twitter, read articles that appeal to me, and sit and fume all on my own.

I got off Facebook – totally off – deleted my account and everything. There was so much nonsense on that site it was blocking up anything interesting I was following. And the interesting stuff? Fiber art and surface design and knitting? The ones I was following decided to get political. Cute but I don’t share their politics so I got off. Totally off.

I thought the so-called pussy march was disgusting, but now it’s getting worse. There’s some sort of “scandal” or “constitutional crisis” every day. General Flynn doesn’t do anything wrong exactly, but he flubs the truth and has to go. Now all of a sudden he’s some big bad anti-American dude who had to be got rid of.

I had no idea our intelligence services were recording phone calls – those from any of us, not just the incoming (at that time) administration. Why are they doing this? Does anyone know? I thought they COULDN’T do this without a warrant? Can we see the warrant?

Since I don’t phone anyone in Russia, I don’t worry about it too much. What I worry about are those leftover (in more ways than one) folks from the Obama administration. Those intelligence officers who think they know better than anyone else what is right. I’m getting sick of these officers, who know they’re breaking the law by leaking, getting away with it.

Remember Scooter Libby? He didn’t do anything wrong at first. He lied to the FBI. They got him. They took away his job, his law license and if Bush had not stepped in, they would have put him in jail.

Now several someones, people who just don’t like the president, have decided to 1) record phone conversations of the administration and 2) leak them to the media. There have been several examples, starting with the phony Russian dossier on Trump. Now Flynn. Who knows who’s next?

At some point the Democrats (even congenitally ignorant ones like Pelosi and Schumer) are going to have to decide to play ball. And at some point President Trump is going to have to clean house. He needs to do more than drain the swamp, he needs to get every Clinton chummy out of the federal government. Every last one of them. There needs to be a massive firing of these people.

Remember, these are the ones in the IRS who decided to slow-walk applications from organizations that had a conservative political outlook. They used their office politically to assist their president in winning the next election. This was a scandal. It was pooh-poohed by the media as not important. It has been forgotten. They should all have been removed from their jobs.

Although I have never met him, I have an idea that President Trump just won’t care too much for people who insist on undermining our government. I get that idea strongly. I’m hoping he does something so extreme that all the MSM goes berserk.

On the scandal of the last two weeks, the Extreme Vetting EO, I just saw something ridiculous. An Iranian-American is getting married in April. What does she do? (This woman has a big job in Washington, DC) She goes to her representatives in the Senate and the House and requests their help so her relatives, who live in Iran, can come to the wedding. Hello? Terrorists come from Iran. How do we know her relatives don’t include a terrorist? How do we know if they are really her relatives? Am I supposed to worry about her wedding or terrorists?

I have an idea for her. Instead of bitching about your relatives not being able to come to your wedding, have it in Iran. That way they can be there – that’s if Iran will let YOU in? Will they let you in and arrest you for spying??????? Maybe you can have your pissing wedding without the mullahs in attendance????????????

See I’m cranky. Until the swamp gets totally drained – and I mean totally – I will stay cranky.


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  1. Last week we had a 50 car pile up on I-95 near us. Does no one consider safety anymore?
    I’m so glad I never joined Facebook. I don’t need any more stress in my life:)


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