Penguono Feathers Removed, Quilting To Do and Books Read

Guess I don’t have to write anything now because my title says it all. Too bad, I’m going to write anyway.

It’s colder than a witch’s tit here today. I mean I’m super tired of wanting to turn the boiler on and then telling myself to save the oil for later on. It’s been super cold for a few days – since Friday at least. I’ve been running the heat pump and the infrared fireplace non-stop. It’s still cold in here.

Starting some time this afternoon, we’re in line for two feet of snow. This will be annoying for those who have to go to work no matter what. I’m not sure why employers in northern states don’t get the idea that when it snows this much, people should stay home. I don’t know how many times I went to work during a snowstorm only to sit there with nothing to do because the boss didn’t make it in. Let people stay home and dig out slowly. A blizzard is not a good thing to drive through and we will have a blizzard most of tomorrow.

I mentioned that my poor Penguono, seen in the picture, had to be frogged back to just the back piece. I did that yesterday morning and managed to save a lot of the yarn but I did get rid of a lot too – those colors that I didn’t like went into file 13. Like for instance, the red orange bit you see there. I’m keeping it turquoise, dark blue, purple and pink with a little white speckled thrown in for good measure.

I found the mistake which caused me to knit the fronts upside down. It says

>>>> 3. LEFT BACK <<<<

Row 1 (RS): K37, sl1 wyif, slip next 28 sts onto waste yarn. Row 2 (WS): K37, sl1 wyif.

Row 3 (RS): K37, sl1 wyif. Row 4 (WS): K37, sl1 wyif.

Now if you are actually doing this from the right side you will end up putting the bottom 28 stitches on hold. No, you want to put the top 28 stitches on hold because that’s where you’re going to make your armhole. I caught this as I started doing it. This time it will be right. I already have completed most of the left back and will be starting on the right back soon.

I’ve been reading too. Last fall I found E.R. Punshon’s Bobby Owen mysteries and thoroughly enjoyed them. On E.R. Punshon’s Amazon Page, I found George Bellairs. It seems Punshon recommended Bellairs’ work to his publisher back in the day and he was picked up by that publisher. With good reason, because the George Bellairs Inspector Littlejohn series is fantastic.

I particularly like the mysteries set on the Isle of Man. For some reason I’m drawn to books about islands and even tried living on one. I didn’t like living on an island. I had this horrible feeling of needing to get off. It was like island claustrophobia. I had no idea I was going to experience something like that but I had to wait 8 years to get out of there.

I digress. The Isle of Man books by Bellairs feature characters repeated in each Isle of Man mystery. The Archdeacon Kinrade, with whom Littlejohn stays while on a case, goes along with him in his detective pursuits. In fact, the Archdeacon is responsible for getting a great deal of information out of the local population and coming up with the solution to mysteries.

I’m working my way through all of the Bellairs books on Kindle Unlimited and soon will be buying the next ones. I will be not in a good mood when the series is finished although I do have 21 or so Bobby Owen mysteries I bought earlier to go back and read. I will only be upset for a few minutes.

On the subject of quilting, I have finished my diamond quilt top. Now I need to find enough fabric to back it with and get it basted down. Sadly, in a mad mood of thinking I didn’t need it, I sold most of my cotton fabric. I didn’t make a dime out of it either. Sigh. So now I don’t have lots of fabrics to choose from for a backing. I cannot believe I did that. From now on, I’m not getting rid of anything.

I’m going to dig out what I have and get the diamond ready for machine quilting. I must do this one by machine because the top is exclusively made from my very dense hand-dyed cotton poplin. This fabric takes the dyes in a gorgeous depth, unlike lighter weight cottons. I prefer the deep colors and I will just have to accept they cannot be hand-quilted. I tried and my needle bent trying to get through the fabric.

I hope all of you in the south feel adequately grateful that you do not live up here ………… I’m not feeling adequately grateful that I DO today, but eventually spring will come – even here.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Complain anyway! We’ve had so little snow this year it feels odd! I’m glad I don’t have 20 foot drifts in my yard though – like most years!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stay safe! We’re only getting a foot in my part of Massachusetts. I’ll be thinking of your two feet when I feel like complaining .


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