Choose Light

Why would anyone choose to poison themselves? Think back to the last time you were angry. How did you feel? Were your muscles tense, your breathing shallow, your thinking violent? Probably. But those things are nothing compared to what your adrenal system is going through when you’re angry.


When you perceive something as threatening or exciting, the hypothalamus in the brain signals to the adrenal glands that it’s time to produce adrenaline and other stress hormones. The adrenal glands produce adrenaline by transforming the amino acid tyrosine into dopamine. Oxygenation of dopamine yields noradrenaline, which is then converted into adrenaline. Adrenaline binds to receptors on the heart, arteries, pancreas, liver, muscles and fatty tissue. By binding to receptors on the heart and arteries, adrenaline increases heart rate and respiration, and by binding to receptors on the pancreas, liver, muscles and fatty tissue, it inhibits the production of insulin and stimulates the synthesis of sugar and fat, which the body can use as a fuel in fight-or-flight situations.

I’m not at all comfortable having adrenaline increasing my heart rate and respiration. I’ve spent a lot of time with anger and I don’t like it. I would rather not be tied up in knots, blind to what is actually going on and if the scientific information is correct, I don’t want anything to interfere with my memory centers as does adrenaline.

We live in a world-confusion today where anger is expressed by the minute by all sorts of people. The left is angry, the right is angry, Hollywood celebrities are angry, people are once again marching in the streets to protest this, that or the other thing. We don’t see much of the peaceful people, the ones who refuse to be baited by hate, refuse to step outside the reality of compassion, caring and peace.

Truly there is nothing we can do about others’ anger or mental state. That is their choice, not ours. We can only maintain our peaceful nature, mindfulness, gratitude and compassion and hope the storms of hate abate. They will.

Something always happens when there is an overabundance of hate bouncing around the world-confusion. Someone gets hurt, physically hurt, some misguided person decides to express their anger by harming others. If the people of the world-confusion are in the midst of violence and anger and do not know how to get back to their center, the place of peace, the place of compassion, love and caring, the world-confusion suffers.

There is only one antidote to anger. That is peace. You cannot demonstrate angrily for peace – you cannot demand peace from angry people – you can only be peaceful yourself. If enough of us will continue to express and live peace, we may get some relief from this world-confusion. If not, the Infinite Consciousness has a way of calming the world-confusion. We would be better doing it ourselves rather than waiting.


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