The Home of the Brave – And The Patriots!

Okay maybe not everyone is thrilled with the outcome of the Super Bowl yesterday, but heck, I live in New England and I thought it was fantastic. I almost wish I’d watched it! Since my husband passed away, watching sporting events by myself hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. He enjoyed football in the play off-season and the Super Bowl – I can take it or leave it. But hey, the Patriots and Tom Brady did a bang up job coming from behind and winning – AGAIN.

My highlight of the night would have been hearing Luke Bryan sing the national anthem. You can hear it here – I love when someone can sing The Star Spangled Banner and not mess it up! This was good.

So while not watching the Super Bowl, I did check out Twitter from time to time. Like the whole day – looking for a stay from the Supreme Court over that California judge’s order to allow refugees to enter. Seems that sort of thing should be left to DHS and the president – not a judge who thinks a defendant shouldn’t defend himself because it might hurt the alleged victim, among other things. I’m still waiting for the filing with the Supreme Court and I hope it’s today.

I carried my headache throughout the day and for now, it’s gone. I hope. We’re heading into bad weather again so it will probably come back. I am stocked on Tylenol – which is like shooting a tiger with a water pistol, I swear.

More sewing will be done today on the diamond thing. I’ll be glad to get this one finished and ready for quilting. Those pesky little seams that have to line up!!!!!!! ARG.

I’ve also got to firm up the grocery list before tomorrow when I head out to the land of food and see what I can scrounge up. Right now the list is at $564 and I’m pretty sure two people don’t need that much food. I would assume I can get that total down!!!!!

Have a grand day whatever you do – I’m going to be here – mindfully sewing those silly diamonds!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Food is so HIGH! I’ve gotten very good at making lists and sticking to them. Hannaford has a to go feature where I can order my groceries and then just pick them up. I love that because I don’t get swayed by what I see!

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  2. My husband had to pace during part of the game. He loved the end though:)
    Good luck with the grocery shopping. It seems every time I go the prices of the things we buy regularly have gone up:(


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