Sunday Sewing and a Headache

I have a headache. I’m letting you know this right up front so if I make a lot of errors in spelling, you’ll know why.

I get barometric pressure headaches. This is stupid. I have no idea why my head decides to hurt like Hades when there’s a low pressure system within 150 miles of me. Right now, it is offshore, out in the Gulf of Maine. I’m in Bangor. That’s 117 miles away ……. and I’ve had the headache for two days. It’s the kind of headache that goes all the way down your spine. My head feels 4 times larger than normal, maybe just my sinuses, but the whole thing doesn’t feel good. I’ve taken Tylenol. Useless. Now I’m going for the hard stuff and downing some aspirin.

I felt better earlier this morning and managed to sew some diamond strips together for my quilt top. I don’t know how to explain the difference between the Chicago 7 and my Singer, except to say the Chicago 7 is a Mercedes and the Singer is a Yugo. You have to be old to remember a Yugo. They didn’t last long. They were not safe cars.

The diamonds are coming together beautifully as long as I remember to pin the strips. I can’t do my normal “just sew it” routine with these. I did that on one strip and had to rip it so now I pin. I’m finding out that I love the start/stop button on the Chicago 7. I don’t need to use the foot pedal at all and for some reason it seems quicker.

I have a ton of fabric for garment construction and once the quilt top is done I’m going to make inroads in that stash. I want a new pair of leggings and having the perfect Style Arc pattern, I will make them. By the way, my favorite patterns are Style Arc patterns. They fit, they’re stylish as all get out, the patterns are on decent thick paper – not tissue paper like others – and so I don’t destroy them just cutting out one garment. I have used the Laura dress for a top many times and I received the Laura cardigan and leggings with that dress in a bundle. After I do the leggings, the cardigan is up next. I have some gorgeous (from Gorgeous Fabrics) multi-colored tweed knit for the cardigan. It will be warm and toasty. It is still horribly cold here.

I’ve done everything on my machine so far except use the embroidery module. I’ve never thought of machine embroidery as something I needed to do, but since I have the module I’m willing to give it a try. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m still deciding on the spinning wheel. If only my fairy godmother would drop down and tell me which one to get (and give me the $$$) I would then know what to do!


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