Baby Comes Home Today

Eek! I’m so excited. Today I get to bring home my new toy, the Bernette Chicago 7.

I had wanted the Chicago 5, primarily because I don’t do machine embroidery and the Chicago 7 does. Unfortunately I waited too long and the Chicago 5 is no longer available. Fortunately I waited until the Chicago 7 was marked down, I’m assuming for final clearance.

Either Bernina is going to quit selling the Bernette line of sewing machines, or else they’re going to introduce all new models. I don’t care which it is, as long as I get this machine in my studio.

Were I fabulously rich, I would have a Bernina 570QE with the lovely Bernina stitch regulator and all. But I am not fabulously rich. I am not rich at all. But I’m willing to sacrifice enough to get the Chicago 7.

I sew a lot of different things. Clothing, usually tops and a few pants, quilts,  patchwork quilt tops, art quilts. I sew every day primarily first thing in the morning. This is a shirt I made about 3 years ago. I love it. The pattern was easy to follow and the results wearable. I love the bronze lace over the base fabric.

The completed blouse.


I recently finished a tee shirt and as soon as I remember to bring my camera downstairs I will post a picture of it. I’m now working on piecing strips of diamonds together for a quilt top out of the fabrics I dyed in January. I can’t wait to get it together.

I have a king size quilt top done – using my hand dyed splattered fabrics – and it is ready to iron and quilt. I hope I can do it on the Chicago 7 but machine quilting a king size quilt isn’t easy. It’s heavy and tends to want to bunch up. Special care must be taken. I think I can do it – I’ve machine quilted 5 large quilts before. I do want to get this one done because I need a change on my bed. The one I have now is 7 years old and ready for a rest.

Today at 10 am I’ll be learning my new machine. Then we’ll bring her home and set her up on my sewing table. And then the fun will begin!


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  1. Yay!! Good Luck! I hope you have many happy years sewing together:)

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