Next Up – Spinning Wheel

In my quest to conquer every possible fiber-related hobby known to woman, the next purchase is a decent spinning wheel. I say decent, because I’ve already owned one that wasn’t. I didn’t like it. Not at all.

I’m trying to decide which one I want. There are many choices. Some of them, like the Majacraft Aura, are way out of my league, money-wise.


I would get it if I could. Anybody want to lend me $1500? No? Shoot.

I’ve recently become interested in a traditional Saxony type spinning wheel. I like to think of myself as traditional – if you can consider a psychic, fiber artist, vegetarian most of the time, conservative Republican ……. traditional. I like the looks of the Saxony wheel. And I like the Polonaise by Kromski.

The polonaise (/pɒləˈneɪz/, French: [pɔlɔnɛz]; Polish: polonez) is a dance of Polish origin, in 3. 4 time. Its name is French for “Polish.” The polonaise had a rhythm quite close to that of the Swedish semiquaver or sixteenth-note polska, and the two dances have a common origin.

I can see myself dancing away while I spin. I can see this beautiful wheel in my living room, being used a lot. No more will I stick my spinning wheel in an upstairs room, away from anything else. I have a sewing studio and in there I do enough without adding in spinning. So I will spin on my first floor, hopefully in my living room.

There is one made in America that I’ve looked at. But it has a plastic wheel and it doesn’t have the gorgeous wood turnings on the Polish one. I like the wood turnings. My Dad was a carpenter and he would have appreciated the work on this wheel. If he were alive today, he could make me one. Shame I forgot to get him to do that before he left …….. he could make anything.


The sewing machine is in town. I received a call today and tomorrow I go pick it up. I get to spend 45 minutes with Bob, the technician, while he shows me how to use it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had a similar machine earlier ……. nor that I’ve been sewing for 54 years. I just said okay. There is an embroidery module that I probably need assistance with so I’m good. It’s just that I’m taking my son with me and I didn’t think he’d want to spend 45 minutes there while I get familiar with the machine. Luckily he assures me that it is fine. That’s good see, because he’s paying for it!!!!!!!! Now how cool is that? Happy Birthday Mom – my birthday occurred last month but hey, we never have any money right after Christmas so I was happy to wait!!!!!!! My head may explode with happiness tomorrow – which will be a change from foaming at the mouth while watching TV.

Spinners out there – what wheels do you like? If you had a choice now, what would you buy? Any thoughts? I need to get my research up to speed because there’s only going to be one spinning wheel. I think.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    That’s true!


  2. The look won’t help you spin nice and even yarn 😁


  3. Jennifer says:

    All the way down in Bath ME but I may have to do it. I’m leaning toward the Ladybug but I love the look of the Polonaise! I would prefer Majacraft Aura – ha! Only if I win the lotttery.

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  4. Kromski wheels are quite nice. I owned a Minstrel and it was lovely. However there is a lot of benefit in getting the schacht wheel. From what I have seen on YouTube they run so very smooth and are very low maintenance. Is there somewhere you can try one maybe?


  5. Jennifer says:

    I always say I spin more straw into gold than Rapunzel has ever seen!


  6. Wow – I can’t wait to see what you do with it when you get one… Although, I immediately thought of Sleeping Beauty haha!


  7. Don’t forget to check the spinning forums on Ravelry. Also the tools forum. I’ve seem some nice gently used wheels offered for sale:)

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