Penguono and Outline 2 and Life


I have been busy. What with the conquering of perfect seams by MACHINE and my knitting, I can happily stay off the computer and out of trouble. I refuse to allow other people’s ire to annoy me. Now I only get frustrated when something breaks. Something always breaks.

Although it is not the only reason, when something breaks I truly miss my husband. He was so handy before the disease that killed him took hold. He could fix anything. I can fix nothing. DS is good at fixing things too but he’s a bit less cooperative than my husband. No, he’s a ton less cooperative! Anyway, another thing broke yesterday morning.

I turned around and glanced at my infrared fireplace. Hmm. No fire. Well that doesn’t change the fact that it heats but shoot I love the phony flame that should be there.

Of course the manual is hidden somewhere in the mass of paper stuff laying in my dining room – in drawers, on the shelf of my built in china closet, in a drawer of the desk. I’m not looking for it. My life is too short.

I start looking on the internet. After about 45 minutes I finally find the correct manual for the fireplace I have. Oh. I need to replace the bulbs? OK. I get the screwdriver, get down on the floor and start to remove the panel where the lightbulbs are supposedly existing. I get the panel off. I do not see any lightbulbs anywhere. They’re not there.

I wait for DS to get up. Then I tell him. He’s not pleased with me. I should let him wake up first. He gets testy. I yell at him. Ungrateful cur! So he looks and sees the lightbulbs. Now I thought I had two replacement bulbs but it seems the socket is tiny for the fireplace and while my lightbulbs have small sockets, they’re not small enough. Foiled again. So now I have to buy frigging lightbulbs. So started my day yesterday.

It continued. I have been playing oil chicken for about a week. Oil chicken is when you know you’re starting to get low on oil but cannot afford to buy more until payday. Fine. We didn’t run the central heating and only used it for hot water. If the boiler shuts down because the tank is dry, someone has to come bleed it out and restart it. And of course they’re going to charge for that. It used to be $25 but I’m pretty sure now it would be a regular service call of $90. Fine. I wait. I shut off the furnace at the emergency switch which means when I have oil I can flip it and it will start. The next day the kid tells me we can run the boiler for hot water because we have at least 1/8 a tank. Good. I turn it back on.

I scheduled an oil delivery for yesterday. It was 58 degrees in the house when I woke up. It didn’t get much warmer – heated up to 60 by 1 pm. Lovely. It was so cold in here I took a nap under my three quilts and still couldn’t sleep because my nose was cold. I can’t read very well with the quilts covering half my face. He still hadn’t come.

At 2:59 pm I heard a truck. I looked out my living room window and the oil savior was there. He grabbed the check out of the back door, filled the tank and he was off. I turned the heat up to 70 – it’s never above 62 usually but damn I was cold. We now have oil.

While I was waiting for the oil guy, I looked at Twitter. I’ve already removed myself from FB because the anger and viciousness is just too much. Twitter is also bad, but I have protected tweets. Only those I want to can see them. I must say I’m super-duper sick of the crap coming out of the leftists these days. It’s so repetitive. It’s WAR. Will they never get over the fact that Hillary lost – not to mention THEY lost seats in Congress? Don’t they get it?  Yesterday some operative was going on and on about the popular vote again. Dear God. It means nothing. We have this thing called a Constitution and it explains how the voting works. It is not a beauty contest – which is good because she surely wouldn’t have won that.

I am appalled that we’re not going to admit refugees and others from seven countries for 90 days. I would make it a year or more. My husband was an immigrant. He came to our country as a displaced person. Nobody on that ship came here to blow us up. Since the bad guys have already immigrated to countries in Europe and blown up people and run them over with their trucks, it makes sense to me to not allow them free access here. Oh and I guess BO did the same thing for 6 months for people from Iraq. The left didn’t mind that. Nothing BO did could be anything short of a directive from God. Sheesh.

Now we have a Supreme Court nominee. A good one too. An intelligent, thoughtful man who has lived a decent life. He will be pilloried from here to eternity by the Democrats who already announced they will filibuster his nomination. Whatever. I think that’s wonderful. There’s another election in less than 2 years. 12 Democrats up for election in the Senate are from states President Trump won. Let’s see how they do in 2018. Should be interesting.

So I knit, sewed and played around. You can see Outline 2 in the top photo. It’s from the yarn I was going to use to knit a Find Your Fade but everybody’s making that and I have to be different. I am working on Penguono and it is turning out lovely. Switching from a size 6 needle to a size 10.5 means my hands have to adjust but at least the 10.5 needles means the work goes quickly. I hope to finish Penguono before March 1. Rabbit rabbit.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my! The things we don’t do! Yes I’m sick of all the screaming and Resistance patterns? Who knits that stuff? Spring will come and soon we’ll be warm!

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  2. It sounds like you’re living my life:( The door closer on the screen door unscrewed from the door, when my husband was trying to bring in groceries it decided to “release” itself and shot through a glass pane on the kitchen door. Now we need to fix both doors. It never ends.
    The politics and the pink hats are driving me crazy! Can’t they see that when the left goes way left as happened in the last 8 years the pendulum swings back equally as far to the right trying to make up for things.
    Stay warm! It’s February so spring is on the way:)


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