Making a quilt starts with the fabric, then the vision of what I want it to look like. I like movement in my quilts, colors that go from light to medium to dark. I want to see the shape, but more than that I need to see the movement.

I made this quilt in the photo back in 1998, I think. It’s been so long I don’t even remember when I made it. It was sold in 2000 to someone from LA by the gallery who represented me on PEI.

The background of this quilt is the tumbling blocks pattern. Diamonds in lights, mediums and darks in different values behind Johnny Coltrane and in the background, where the spotlight didn’t hit him during a performance. I do remember enjoying the making of this quilt. Particularly because my then young son drew the pattern for Johnny Coltrane for me. I could never draw.

I have begun the cutting for the next quilt. I’m using these fabrics



I will get lots of lights, mediums and darks from these.

The pinks have all been cut from 3″ strips into diamond shapes. Next is the red/blue/green fabric. I already have the 3″ strips cut and now will come the diamonds.

The placing of the fabrics will come to me as I sew them together. I will decide where I want the movement, how I want the blocks to “tumble” and if I need to add more fabric. We’ll see. It’s always an adventure, this planning of a quilt.

Not knowing what it will looks like, just having a vague idea, is the thrill of the making. Knowing that not only did I decide the quilt’s pattern but also made the fabrics, makes this next piece uniquely mine. I’m not sure I can ever work with commercial fabric again ……… time will tell.


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