Uh Oh

I woke up early this morning, hearing the freezing rain hit my windows. Hmm. No matter where I’ve lived across the US, freezing rain is ugly.

There were two bad ice storms in Illinois when I was growing up. One when I was 6 and one when I was 13. I remember these storms because we were without power for a week, it was horribly cold in the house and Mom ran the oven to try to warm everything up.

Since it was ice, it wasn’t as cold as it could have been. Then there would have been snow. Snow is much easier to deal with than ice.

I was just getting ready to head upstairs to get a shower and start my day. I decided to open the window facing the park. What you see is what I saw. Uh oh.

If the ice, which is already 1/8″ thick (at least) on my window, gets worse, we may lose power. Since we need power for heat, I’m not jumping up and down. Being without power in this day and age is particularly annoying since the modem through which I talk to you is electric, as is every other useful thing in this house. I don’t even have a gas oven to turn on to warm up the house. No, silly me, I purchased a duel fuel stove with an electric oven and a gas cooktop. Well at least I’ll still be able to cook.

I knew this was coming so I high-tailed it to the grocery store yesterday. The word had spread and at least 150,000 people were at the store. Toilet paper was a high priority commodity, milk and bread were running close. They were restocking the liquor department. Here in Maine, alcohol keeps you warm during a storm – and not during a storm.

It will be interesting to see how many people are out and about driving here and there and lose control of their cars and trucks. Bless me, I wouldn’t hit the road today even if I needed to drive to Augusta to pick up my lottery winnings. Nope. Today – I stay home.


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