Work to Be Done

Once again, it’s winter in Maine. No surprise then that there’s a Hazardous Weather Warning on my forecast for tonight and tomorrow. It doesn’t sound lovely. It’s called Wintry Mix and that means it will either be ice or snow or turn to rain. I’m hoping for the rain part. I am done with ice and snow, having lived in northern locations my whole entire life. I probably wouldn’t move south even if I could. I don’t like heat and heat is what you get in the summer down south. Not to mention humidity which never stops. So I’m here – hoping for rain.

Once again, I get to pick up groceries. I’m not going to go through a winter storm of any kind without certain necessities like Bolthouse Farms juice and Poland Spring Sparkling Water. This is a new obsession and I justify the cost because I don’t buy a whole lot of fresh fruit – not in the winter when they have to travel so far. I like my produce local. So we drink Bolthouse Farms and use local sparkling water with it.

My fabrics are still siting down here in the dining room, under the Christmas Tree. I know, I know, I should put it up but it’s so pretty! It’s white with blue decorations and white lights. I tell myself it is a French Country tree and therefore qualified to stay up as long as I wish.

Later today I may have to wind yarn. I don’t like winding yarn. This is what my contraption looks like.


It doesn’t take forever, it just seems like it. There’s one skein in particular that I need. I was lazy yesterday and thought I could use an old skein of sock yarn in place of my Potluck Yellow from Hedgehog Fibres. Well, yuck. I managed to unknit that mess and now I’m needing that yellow to use in my second Outline. True my first Outline isn’t finished. It’s about half done. But still, I need variety.


This is Outline I and this is the yarn for Outline 2


I tried the white/pinkish yarn on the far right but don’t like it with the others. It doesn’t have enough speckles and knits up mostly white. The yellow next to it is the one I need to wind. I’m also thinking about adding in another color family but I’m not sure. We’ll just have to see how I feel.

Yarn for my sweater needs winding too. This is just gorgeous yarn from Quince and Co. in one of their new colors, Canvas. I have loved this yarn since I first saw it and finally bought some!


I do have work to do. Knit, cut up fabric, wind yarn, pick up groceries, put groceries away ………. such a tough life!



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