Life Hums Along

Seriously folks, this has been a rough 11 weeks here in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. Especially if you support our new president. Definitely if you support our new president. Absolutely if you support our new president.

Naturally, I write about what is important to me, things I think that are right, wrong, neutral. Just things that are important to me. After all, it is my blog.

Yesterday I wrote a post about getting back to my center. And I’m there now, back in mindfulness, content to stay out of the world-confusion.

I thought it was odd when I looked at this post, there was a comment from someone who has followed me for a long time. At least since 2013 I believe. She said she had to look to see if I had written anything peaceful. Hmm. At first, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I thought that it was my fault that she had to look for my “peaceful” posts. Then I had an idea.

I went back and counted the number of posts I have done since coming back to WP in December. There were 90 of them. Out of the 90, 6 were about the current political turmoil caused by liberals in this country. The other 84 were either about art or spiritual enlightenment or both. So how come she had to “look?”

I thought about this, being a thoughtful person. I finally came to the conclusion that she doesn’t agree with my political leanings. And that is okay. But it is not okay to say to me that because I have a certain political ideology that the bulk of my posts are not peaceful. That is untrue.

What ever can I do about it? Nothing. What ever do I want to do about it? Nothing. I don’t care what anyone’s political stance might be any longer. It’s over and done with here. I look forward to the next 8 years with hope and joy.

One thought – isn’t it odd that women who thought President Trump was vulgar in a 14-year-old tape of a private conversation – who decided to march against this vulgarity – decided to be even more vulgar than anything he’s ever done or said? Making comments about wet dreams and threatening to blow up the White House, wearing pussies on their heads and whole pussy costumes? Writing words on maxi pads and sticking them to a wall? How is this stuff NOT vulgar?????

Well, it is. And guess what? There’s a tape of all their actions and words now too! Dueling tapes, one that doesn’t matter and a whole reel of footage that shows what these women really think. Sobering.


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