In the jungle of civilization, in the stress of modern living, lies the test. Whatever you give out will come back to you. Hate, and you will receive hate in return. When you fill yourself with inharmonious thoughts and emotions, you are destroying yourself. Why hate or be angry with anyone? Love your enemies. Why stew in the heat of anger? If you become riled, get over it at once. Take a walk, count to ten or fifteen, or divert your mind to something pleasant. Let go of the desire to retaliate. When you are angry your brain is overheating, your heart is having valve trouble, your whole body is being devitalized. Exude peace and goodness; because that is the nature of the image of God within you โ€” your true nature. Then no one can disturb you. Paramahansa Yogananda

I needed to read these words today, to reflect on them and take them into my soul, my heart center. I have been fighting, something which I gave up years ago. I am good at fighting. I was trained to argue by the best, my father.

I don’t like what I see in our world today and quite frankly I’m amazed at the lowness of what I see. The absolute destruction of civilized discussion, the absence of peace and good will toward men (and women).

I see instead the anger, the hate against the unknown, people claiming to be “frightened”. So I must get back to my center, to where what none of these souls speak or proclaim. Where my peace is not disturbed by an urge to fight them.

Living a spiritual life is not easy in the world-confusion. Which is why I usually absent myself from this world-confusion and stay in my real world, the world of peace, love, mindfulness and joy. There is much to be joyful about. There is nothing to fight.

I do believe that there is nothing but Infinite Consciousness and therefore we are all part of the Infinite. I am and you are. I am as creative in the sense of creating my life as is the Infinite Consciousness because there is no division, no duality in that Infinite. It is hard for me to accept that hateful people are also a part of the Infinite, but it is so.

The world-confusion is a terrible place to exist, never accepting events you do not like, never accepting that others are good, never accepting that we are not brothers and sisters, but we are the Infinite Consciousness.

Events in the spiritual realm are about to move. I sense that we soon will see concrete proof of the Infinite. He will no longer be an ephemeral idea, the focus of ridicule by non-believers, but He will show His presence.

Today is a day I truly need to meditate. Today I get back to center, back to true life, back to the Infinite. Hopefully I will not escape into the world-confusion again. Namaste.



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