Finally the ironing is done. I could have been faster if I hadn’t taken three days out to sew a shirt. And one day of that, just to thread my serger.

I love most of these. With the exception of the brownish stuff and the overtly purple, I’m happy. The brown was a weird one. I had sprinkled on all of my new dye colors and smooshed (technical term) it up and sprayed it with soda ash water. I was amazed when they all blended together. I didn’t think that would happen as the colors didn’t in the others I’d used multiple colors on.

The purple resulted from me applying dye colors and then watching them turn ugly mauve in the dye bath. Whoops! So I drained it, rinsed it, poured Orchid all over it and let it stew. Not a favorite but heck everything looks good cut up and put with something else.

Here’s the photos!


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