Not Buying Your Crap

For the last few weeks I’ve been subjected to left-wing rants about President Donald J. Trump. Well, he’s president now. It’s time to put down your Vulva Biscuits and go do whatever it is you do. If you do anything, that is.

I’m a knitter. Big deal, right? Well every knitting pattern “designer” I used to follow on Instagram is now not followed by me – that is, the ones who felt they needed to express their political opinions.

Someone on IG asked me if I was boycotting those who ranted or just expressed a political opinion – let me clear that up. If you put a picture of yourself on IG with one of those stupid hats supposedly knit to represent a word spoken in a private conversation over 14 years ago – I buy nothing from you and I don’t “follow” you.

Here’s an idea – if you’re in business, don’t express your political opinions. You’re in business to make money, not preach.

Not only have I unfollowed these people, I also will  not ever buy another pattern from them. Nor will I make any I have. I wouldn’t dirty my hands. The world-confusion is pissing me off, big time.

Now today I’m told that some has-been actress is claiming that President Trump has wet dreams about his daughter. Not only is that horrible, it’s what she said. Surely anyone of faith and good will could see that these people are hateful and ugly? What kind of civilization produces these deviants?

The kind of civilization we’ve had to live with for 8 years courtesy of Hollywood has-beens and the former president. The kind where it’s okay to kill policemen who protect us but not okay for the police to protect themselves. That’s the kind. The kind where good people are shamed and screaming lunatics who really need medication are allowed to spew venom ad nauseam. Hey, free speech is free. You can do it. But here’s the problem.

I won’t touch a thing sold by any yarn store, pattern designer, independent yarn dyer, creative artists or classes by knitters on Craftsy  by anyone who marched or sympathized with that march – you name it, I’m not buying it.

My money will go to people who are decent. People who don’t have an agenda and don’t think trudging around talking about wet dreams is a good idea. Oh yes and if you threaten to blow up the White House, I’d watch my back. It’s illegal. You can spew venom all you want. You cannot blow things up.

So while you all march – not for me or 30 million women like me  – for yourself and your desires to keep rights no one has threatened to take away – just keep in mind your bottom line is going to be a lot smaller this year. There’s not just one of me. There are 30 million of me particularly knitters. We support our president. We will not support you in your idiotic and inhuman actions.




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