The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

I wonder if the Spirit of Francis Scott Key is here with us in this world-confusion or watching us from the spirit plane. Does he know how incredibly powerful his words have been and are? Does he know that we all stand, cross our hearts and sing to this beautiful anthem for America? Well most of us stand and cross our hearts, unless we’re participating in some obscure ritual against something or other at the moment. Never mind, let those who don’t stand sit. It’s okay. There are enough of us believers to make them insignificant.

I have always cried when I hear our National Anthem and see our flag wave. It was particularly hard for me to live outside the country for 8 years. I kept saying “Next year in Jerusalem” on every 4th of July, meaning that I would head back to the Promised Land, the Land of Milk and Honey and never leave again. Eventually, I did.

We are not a perfect union as the authors of The Declaration of Independence sought. But we are a union, a union of states brought together with freedom. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Well most of us do. We won’t talk about unborn babies.

I began my interest in politics at the age of 11, stuffing envelopes, babysitting for a woman running in my Congressional District, going to campaign rallies for Governor Otto Kerner (ended up in jail as do most Illinois governors) and Senator Paul Douglas. It was an exciting time for me. I was affiliated with the Democrats back then. My parents were diehard Democrats and I followed like a wee chick, not knowing that the party was going to change into something I could not back any longer.

When Reagan was running for president, I believe for the second term, he asked if we were better off economically than we were 4 years ago. For us, the answer was yes. I became a Republican and thereby got into horrible fights with my father and mother. Never mind, my mind was my own from birth and I could deal with the opposition. I yelled a lot. That’s what Dad did so I matched him yell for yell. We had so much fun.

Here we are, with a  businessman ready to take the Oath of Office. I can just hear my father complaining that he’s “rich” as if Obama and Clinton are not. Nope, they’re just regular guys who have a lot of money. Dad hated rich people. Primarily because he was in that category our 45th President of the United States calls the “forgotten” man. Dad always said you couldn’t get rich working. Well a lot of people have and Dad couldn’t see it.

I think Mom would be more focused on the beauty of Melania Trump and she wouldn’t have cared for Michelle all that much. Nor for Obama. Dad probably wouldn’t either. Not that they were prejudiced, they just preferred someone who was committed to the well-being of people like them, like FDR and Harry Truman.

If you think back, provided you’re old enough, you’ll find that FDR, Truman and LBJ were more like the current-day Republicans than the current-day Democrats. That’s what they now call Blue Dog Democrats. Not speciously politically correct, none of them pulled any punches when it came to standing up for the freedoms we enjoy.

And now we are back to a place that feels exciting, humming with potential, possibilities and true hope, not the kind of hope that Obama promised. His hope was that we would all learn to accept that we are not exceptional in the world, that we would all reflect on the wrongs our country has committed at every step of the way, a country more like Europe than America. A country where cradle to grave welfare was handed out, not only to citizens, but to everyone who came to our shores, illegally or not.

I have a bigger hope. I have a hope that people will finally get the healthcare they deserve, not paid for by young people who cannot afford the premiums or the deductibles. I hope for economic growth that we feel out here in mainstream America. I hope we see wages climbing while prices stay the same or go down. I want to see all those factories that were idled and sit like great rusting carcasses all over our country, hum back to life, producing cotton fabrics and clothing and machinery and steel. I want to see the coal miners who’ve had their lives ruined, get back to work. I want to see parents able to send their children to great schools, not those that require those kids to bring toilet paper to school because the teachers and administration get so much money there is nothing left for supplies. I want to see ICE finally able to catch and KEEP illegal immigrants at our borders and I want to see that damn Wall go up. I want to see people working, not part-time, but full-time. I want to see people who have left the work force, get back into it, find that job, get productive again. I want to see the blood flow back into America that has been bleeding hope and enthusiasm for way too long.

And now we have someone to lead us to those things. True, he’s different. He’s successful. He didn’t write books as his only accomplishment. He took a great deal of money, 1 million dollars and turned it into billions. That’s pretty amazing. His name is on buildings all across the world. His daughter worked with him as did his sons. They were brought up to believe that hard work would give them what they need, not hard sitting on your butt. They are successful in ways that have nothing to do with money.

He deserves a chance, our 45th President, although the rabid left will never give him that chance. It does not matter. We must ignore the whining of those who are so blinkered by their own ideas and ideologies that they cannot participate in a democracy. They rued the day Donald J. Trump wouldn’t say he would blindly accept the results of the election and now they are peeing all over themselves, screaming illegitimacy even though it was a fair election. And they have fought. They demanded a recount when the vote wasn’t even close. They tried to foment defection in the Electoral College. Now they want the Electoral College to be dispensed with even though it is in our Constitution. No way that’s ever going to change. If it did, the populations of California, New York and other largely populated areas would have all the power in an election. Me, out here in Maine, would have no dog in the fight. With the Electoral College, we all get a vote. I like it that way. Nobody in California has a clue about what I want. Nobody in California gives a flying you-know-what either.

Today the world-confusion seems less confused to me. We are at a crossroads. Marvelous things can happen. True, not marvelous things can happen too. But at least now we won’t be told and lectured about what we should think is marvelous. Like signing a nuclear “agreement” with thugs who always shout “Death to America”. Honestly I think the only nuclear agreement I’d sign with them would be a gigantic glassing over of their whole country. I’m mean that way. I would never trust people who want us annihilated and I would never bargain with them over anything. I wonder what Obama was thinking. Besides his legacy which is about to implode with a very loud noise. Whatever was he thinking?

I saw something yesterday that made me smile. A quote from our new president concerning the past, present and future.

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” 

― Donald J. Trump

Isn’t that funny? President Donald J. Trump thinks the same way I do. Focus exclusively on the present. Live in the moment,  do not let your mind wander into dreams of the future or ghosts of the past. Keep your mind where you are. Great things will happen. And to that I say, amen.



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  1. Very well put! I too have optimism for the future, something I haven’t felt in quite a while.

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