Money, Politics, Religion

These are the three things we were never to discuss in a social setting when I was young. It was a good rule, it kept everyone from getting overheated and saying things they couldn’t take back, it kept everyone civil. The only thing I don’t remember is why we had that rule when everyone we knew had the same politics, religion and desire to improve their lives economically. All the adults wanted the same things.

I remember being raised a Democrat. My parents were young during The Great Depression and it colored their lives until their dying day. Mom hated the fact that her family had to rely on charity through part of it because her father had to give up the farm where he share-cropped. I’m not sure I ever knew why he gave it up. I do know he wasn’t exactly industrious so probably because he didn’t feel like working that hard.

Dad, one of 5 sons, was sent to live with his grandmother in Indiana from his home in Illinois. He told me there wasn’t enough food for 5 of them and that’s why he went. I’m not sure about that either. Why him? Why not the oldest son? Dad always said he felt like he didn’t belong in that family, something was “off” in his relationships with his parents. Maybe he was difficult. Ha. He was difficult his whole life that I can remember.

He was a diehard Democrat. He railed against Herbert Hoover and Republicans. As I aged, I started listening to what he was saying. Basically he didn’t like Republicans because they were “rich”. I grew out of disliking rich people because I wanted to be “rich” and didn’t want to hate myself.

Money was a sore point when I was married and living far away from home. I remember when my parents came for a visit. At the time they arrived, the antique dealer was delivering a tall case clock that we had put on lay away and paid off. My mother said “I’ve never paid that much money for anything in my life.” Like it was shameful for me to buy a clock. Sigh.

Religion got ugly too. Once I was 13 and able to decide what I did and where I went for myself, I didn’t go to church any longer. Quite honestly all I saw was a bunch of University professors and their wives and children. My father worked at the University too. He was a carpenter. Needless to say, the children were not kind to someone whose father was not a professor although my Dad could talk any of their parents under the table.

At this point in our civilization or lack thereof, politics plays a huge part in our daily lives. We just got through a presidential election which lasted forever. They always do. By the time election day comes, everyone is so sick of the backbiting, the anger, the spectacle, all we want to do is get on with life and forget the damn thing.

We couldn’t this year because the party who did not win has spent the intervening 2 months trying to come up with a way to keep the elected president from taking office. So many ploys that failed. I particularly liked the one where Hollywood has-beens wanted the Electoral College to not vote for the man their state had elected. In other words, people who claim to be for voter’s rights and fight voter ID laws every time, wanted 63 million votes to not count. Huh?

And then we have to listen to how their candidate won the popular vote. That’s like saying the Kentucky Derby winner isn’t qualified because the second place finisher is more popular. Huh?

Inauguration Day is tomorrow. Hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into Washington, DC to demonstrate against the will of the people. After all, we’re bad people, us Republicans. We don’t like women, black people, brown people, gay people, Muslim people, Mexican people, Hispanic people. We only like Russian people. Huh?

I don’t like the idea of demonstrations. I’ve seen the ones this past year because of police actions that were warranted and a few that were not. The demonstrations were violent. There’s now something called The Ferguson Effect. A painting depicting policeman – who protect us for very little money – as pigs. There was a right old blarny about that with a Democrat putting it up, Republicans taking it down until the Capitol Building architect said it’s gone. Sad really that they can’t come up with anything other than a pig to portray policeman. That’s not particularly unique. But they’re not unique. They are predictable as hell.

And this Russian thing that seems to have entered the brains of Democrats like a virus – they now state Donald Trump is not a legitimately elected president because the Russians “hacked” the election as if Russia got into our voting machines and changed votes. They didn’t. You can’t “get into” something that’s not connected to the web. The Democrats have a bad case of Russian Flu. They even tried to smear the PEOTUS with a “dossier” showing that Putin ran Trump’s election. That is until every fact in that “dossier” was proven false.

And then some Civil Rights hero from over 50 years ago echoes Hollywood’s mantra about legitimacy and says this will be the first Inauguration he won’t attend. Wrong. Second. Man may be a hero to some people but he can’t count.

And the Pussy thing. LOL I have unfollowed more knitters on Instagram than God has little green apples. They’re knitting Pussies and putting them on their heads to demonstrate for something. Either unions for sex workers or free abortions or against men who utter lewd sexual remarks (there must be millions of them) or something. Or maybe for illegal immigrants, terrorists and terrorism. The Pussies are going to be there in droves. It will be interesting to see. Since I no longer follow knitters who make this stupid hat, my knitting plans are firming up. I am so glad I am not going to be exposed to more patterns to take my hard-earned retirement money. Sigh.

Religion is a biggie. Since there’s a Holy War going on at the present time, it’s kind of hard to ignore religion. Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East, radical Islamic terrorists are spread throughout the world creating havoc with each new attack, Jews are where Jews always are, the focus of complete annihilation by Iran and other groups of thugs. I still can’t figure out why American Jews vote for Democrats en masse. What did Democrats ever do for Jews? Nothing lately except declare that their settlements are illegal and against the world order. Bah.

Come over to my house for dinner. I promise we won’t talk about money, religion or politics. We can talk about the weather.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree! My husband disliked Latvian government because he said it was corrupt. I’m a proud American but I’ve been a Republican since 1992 because I could not stand the Clintons. Trump was elected because us “little” people with no money or power decided to stand up and say enough. For over 50 years the Democrats have pitted one race against the other BECAUSE nobody pays attention to what they’re doing if we’re all busy rioting! Trudeau is truly horrid and not a thing like his father who was honorable. I can’t watch the news if I want my blood pressure to stay down. I’m sad when artists I would like to learn from are so left-wing they are blinded to reality. I fear for our country tomorrow. There will be violence, one left-wing group has said they are going to a Ball with acid to throw on the guests. And those are the people the left thinks are legitimate – I wish I was European also – I might have to leave the country again. Not going back to PEI though. They hated us being there. Blessings!


  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    What a great article! Throughout this election madness I was thinking: it is so great that I come from another side of the planet where it really really did not matter what party you belonged to or voted for. Latvia was always a political mess, and most people had given up seeing any decent government: any of these governments stole what only wasn’t tied up strong enough.
    Well, simply as a European and somebody who always prefers truth to sweet and misleading lies, I cannot stand the smiley Canadian PM who literally leads Canada in disasters while not forgetting to assure nice life and excitement for his own family.
    I didn’t agree with Clinton because it was the same: just talk and sweet lies. Thankfully, I’m not American. One is really happy that he isn’t because these election fights have gone way too far.
    I dislike marches either. I also do not understand how women here feel they do not have enough rights or that they are somewhat taken not seriously.
    America is all about labeling and dividing people. You hear it every day from CNN and similar as -if-news broadcasters. I stopped watching any news for now because I’m absolutely tired hearing more stupidities about Putin or Russia, about so many things that I simply cannot take on Facebook, Twitter and TV. Tired, don’t want to hear or see that.
    Democratic party has lost its mind trying to overturn the election result. It is both: strange and makes one wonder: how about those who voted for Republicans? Are they somehow second class people?
    This is nonsense, something really bad.
    Hollywood voted as they voted because that’s another planet: there are poor people who don’t see daylight hence the hard work and there are all the very rich people who are very comfortable when nothing disturbs them to live like they do and be totally two-faced. Cannot stand that, too.
    I’m sorry for the very long comment. I wish more people were from Europe and they were looking for truth with the Eastern European attitude .


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