Threading a Serger and Six Other Impossible Things That Should Be Easy


I like to sew. Sometimes. Like when sewing is easy and not a pain in the ass.

I decided, after not making anything to wear for three years, to sew a top. I have this gray velour knit and decided it would be warm to wear. I had adapted the above pattern to t-shirt length instead of dress length. Don’t wear dresses.

I decided to use my serger, since my “fancy” sewing machine died a horrible death with the feed dogs stuck in the lower position and I can’t get the screw off the throat plate to see what’s up and Singer wants me to pay to send it to their repair place and I said bullshit. Double bullshit. The machine was a hunk of crap from the beginning, big mistake on my part and I just said trash is trash throw it out.

So I’m going to use the serger. I have only threaded it once or twice. It is a pain in the ass. There are 4 things that have to be threaded and they’re all grouped together – at least two of them – in cramped tiny quarters that would drive a saint to distraction. I threaded it yesterday. It didn’t work. I did something wrong.

I stopped. I thought piss on this, I cannot take it. This morning I watched a video on how to thread the damn thing. I saw what I did wrong. Went to the sewing studio, threaded it in under 30 minutes. It works.

Whew. Now I can use it. Today that shirt will be made manifest. It will exist. I hope I don’t get frustrated sewing it since I haven’t made anything in 3 years. If I do, I’ll stop. I hate frustration with anything.

I can always buy a velour knit t-shirt …….. much cheaper than I can make one. So there.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Today it worked and my shirt just needs sleeves and a neckband! I’m so glad I watched that video!

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  2. Always when I want to do “something quick” my machine won’t work. So frustrating! But so satisfying when it does and it turns out as planned!


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