This is a piece of cloth I wouldn’t mind repeating. I can’t repeat it. The most wonderful thing about dyeing fabric is that they are unique, each one with its own color placement and group of colors, none alike.

I used Lime Squeeze, Thistle Blossom, Robin’s Egg Blue and Goldfinch on this piece. Hard to replicate because Thistle Blossom and Goldfinch were part of a Pantone color fiber reactive dye set from years ago. I purchase my dyes from Dharma Trading Co. and from Pro-Chemical and Dye. I started in the 80s with the dyes from Pro-Chemical and I’ve never been disappointed. Same thing with Dharma Trading Co. but they have a larger inventory of supplies that don’t at all relate to dyeing but are still supplies I want and need.

Once I’m finished with the application of dyes, I mess with the cloth. I rub it with oil pastels or oil sticks (never been super fond of oil sticks!) and I layer it with other designs, stencils or direct painting. I’ve never used silk screens which is something I want to try.

Yesterday I managed to isolate the island and my sink so I could once again dye cloth. Oh for the day I have a sink in my art studio or my art studio near a sink. Then everything could be left out and I wouldn’t need to go through the moving of everything in order to dye.

Today is result day. I used pieces of cloth approximately 36″ x 60″ and various methods to apply the dye. One piece started to turn a horrible shade of mauve and so I rinsed it right away and submersed it in Orchid dye. I hope it works. It was ugly. I can always apply discharge paste to it if I find it doesn’t work. Then I can overdye the areas that are discharged. It might also be a good batik piece with the application of some soy wax.

I used Bahama Blue, Periwinkle, Clear Carnelian, Hot Hibiscus, Lime Squeeze, Orchid, Peony (might be the mauve offender), Lemon Yellow and Marigold. I’m hoping Marigold will substitute for Goldfinch and Orchid for Thistle Blossom. Not sure yet but I hope so.

Having larger pieces of cloth to work with is necessary for me at this time. Dyeing them is more difficult as the containers I have are 12 x 8 and not big enough to control the movement of the colors. So now the search begins for larger containers. I’m thinking a set of kitty litter pans would work. Still not huge but I’m not going to find a container that is 36 x 60 – at least I haven’t thought of one yet. I may trundle out to the Salvation Army and see what they have.  Also Goodwill is a great source for containers. I just need something big. If you can think of anything, let me know!

Now I go into cleaning off the sink in reverse so I can rinse the cloth and wash it. Tomorrow you’ll get the pictures!!!!!!!! So exciting to make cloth – better than anything I do and I do a LOT.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! Wait until you see the new stuff I dyed. If I say so myself, it turned out fantastic!


  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    One way or another: everybody turns to art which is so good! You’ve got great fabric art going on there!


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