Only the Strong Survive

I’m not sure we’re going to get through this. This being Inauguration Day, a day which should be joyous as we celebrate the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the other.

The problem is that it hasn’t been peaceful. In any election there are losers and winners. You can’t have two winners in an election between two candidates. But I’ve noticed a pattern over the last four elections in this country.

Way back in 2000, something happened that I never expected. The results of the election were contested to the point where it took 36 days for the president to be announced and that was through the decision of The Supreme Court. The legal battles had raged since the night of the election, when several news organizations, basing their decisions on exit polls and little else, called the state of Florida for Al Gore. Whether or not this caused Floridians to not continue to vote – who knows? But calling the election in a state before ALL of the polls close is now not acceptable.

The Democrats spent 8 years hating George W. Bush. They still hate him. Then we got Obama, who apologized for us. We’re bad people, we Americans, but we can be better. The cops in Cambridge were stupid, but hey he had them over for a beer.

Chads, hanging or otherwise, were not an issue in this past election. The votes were counted and the night of the election was surprising. We had been told by pundits and polls that Hillary Clinton was going to win and that it would be a “short” evening. In other words, she would win big, having no trouble defeating Donald Trump.

Things didn’t quite go as planned for Hillary. She won the popular vote, due to the huge populations of California and New York. She lost Wisconsin first, which was a shock, but after all – she didn’t campaign there at all. Figuring that the huge numbers of Democrats in the state would go vote for her no matter what, she didn’t go there – not even once. Donald Trump went there and he won.

And Michigan. Goodness. After having lived in the Metro Detroit area for 16 years, I know Michigan leans Democrat. Sure we had the Reagan Democrats, but that was in the 1980s. Donald Trump repeatedly went to Macomb County, the home of the original Reagan Democrats and he went to the inner city too and to the locations of auto plants where workers had lost many jobs, not only to Mexico but to the economy at large. He won Michigan.

The night of the election Hillary couldn’t address her loyal fans. She went back home or to her hotel room. She conceded the election to Trump and the next day spoke to her followers. But something was up.

Who can forget that nameless third-party candidate who received less than 1% of the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania but still wanted them recounted? And Hillary’s team of lawyers joining in. They couldn’t believe he won. The nameless person said “our election was hacked” whatever that meant and no matter that the voting machines were not connected to the Internet and couldn’t be hacked. The recount went nowhere in a hurry.

Then the real problems started. I’ve lost track of them all but they are all on the same theme. Donald Trump stole the election, the Electoral College should ignore the votes of almost 63 million Americans and refuse to give their votes to Trump, and other ridiculous ideas the Democrats came up with to stop Trump becoming president. Like any of them would succeed or like if they did, Hillary could just be given the job.

At first I chuckled. But now, now I’m getting sick of it. I was sick of the election and the bickering. I do admit I enjoyed the Podesta emails published by Wikileaks. I chuckled when the Catholics were berated by Hillary’s team. I thought it was good that the true feelings of the campaign were exposed. But it was looking pointless for Trump at that point.

And then James Comey sends a letter to Congress explaining that he’s reopened the case into whether or not classified information was sent via email by Hillary and her staff because they’d found a new device with hundreds of thousands of emails on it. He’d already given her a pass on being prosecuted for the mishandling of classified information, while at the same time denouncing her negligence. The oxygen came back into the Trump campaign as it went out of Hillary’s.

And then the Russians. Trump made comments that made liberals “nervous”. He spoke about Putin as a strong leader, unlike Obama. Well that is a fact. If I had to get away with something, I’d rather do it in a country run by Obama of the red line act, than Putin of the Crimea act. The Russians became big news. They’d supposedly hacked the DNC emails showing that the DNC tried to stifle Sanders and pave the way for Hillary’s nomination. Then they hacked Hillary’s campaign and all sorts of crap was published. The campaign never denied the emails were true, they just said they wouldn’t speak about any emails that were hacked. Excuse me? That was stupid. Everyone could tell the emails were correct if they didn’t say they weren’t. Blah.

And this week has been trying. First the news broke from a disreputable news source that Russia had salacious information about Trump and things he got up to while he was in Russia. Nasty things like having whores pee on a bed. Glad I missed that particular brand of “fun”.

And even worse, that Trump could be blackmailed by what was in that “dossier” and that he was probably in the pay of Russia.

Obama decides to investigate the Russian meddling in the election a while back. The unclassified report was published but there were no facts, just conclusions.  The DNC didn’t allow the FBI to look at their server. The upshot was that Russia tried to stop Hillary but when they found they weren’t going to be able to, they tried to ruin her tenure as president by publishing everything they could get on her. Now if they were trying to help Trump, how exactly did they decide that it hadn’t worked??? Could it have been the mainstream media cheering for HRC every day and publishing everything negative they could on Trump?

The polls were wrong. Let’s just say that if I were a Trump supporter, I wouldn’t answer an exit poll question nor would I answer that in the affirmative in the middle of a busy street. It wasn’t safe. It still isn’t safe. You should read some of the replies I got on Facebook when I said I don’t go to movies after the Streep Song. You can tell it wasn’t safe because some poor mentally challenged man in Chicago was kidnapped and tortured for hours on Facebook Live and no one who was watching it called the police. The kidnapping and torture was done by 4 blacks, and the mentally challenged man was white. It was in Chicago. Enough said. Think about what would happen if the colors were reversed.

There were reports of Muslim women and men being yelled at and harassed by Trump supporters – all proven to be false. One girl was arrested and charged with faking a hate crime. Seriously these people don’t think.

And now, the final week before Inauguration Day, there are at least 99 groups that are going to demonstrate against the Trump Inauguration. One group of women, which started out to demonstrate for women’s rights, now has disintegrated a bit, right after one of the African American supporters in the group told white women they needed to recognize their privilege – in other words white women have nothing to march about. Hmm.

The other groups are scarier, not because they aren’t wearing those stupid Pussy things on their heads, but because they have vowed to “paralyze the city” and you know they can do it. They can riot – we’ve seen enough of those this year – and they can wreck property and kill. They can create such an ungodly mess that no one can enjoy a moment of the day. We do have the Secret Service and thousands of law enforcement officers flocking to Washington D.C. but I’m not sure it’s enough. Remembering all the horrible riots of my youth, I fear for Washington on the 20th.

The anger and dismay have even affected communities usually devoid of political discourse. Being a knitter, I follow knitting pattern designers on social media. Imagine my dismay when pointless comments are made about how one of them is going to “fight for everyone and resist not for herself but for everyone”. Huh? Are you going to resist selling your designs? Because that’s what’s going to happen. How silly. As if anyone cares about her political point of view. It is beside the point. If you are a designer, design.

I often wonder about all of the dissent in our world. So much of it in our country seems childish and pointless. I could see resisting our place in the Vietnam War – primarily because I could see young men I knew dying daily. I could see that they weren’t allowed to fight the war the way they should. I could see that. I couldn’t see coming back home and throwing your medals around in a fit of pique. Or going to North Vietnam and carrying a rifle while riding around with the enemy we were fighting. I couldn’t get that.

And now one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement over 50 years ago, called the newly elected president illegitimate. All the while proclaiming to be for voter’s rights, just not those of the 63 million people who voted for this “illegitimate” president. And everyone gets all bent out of shape because he was such a great champion of Civil Rights – his civil rights – not the Civil Rights of everyone.

No I’m not sure we’re going to survive this. I think we’ll end up in Civil War II if it continues. The left can have California, Illinois (please God give them Illinois) and New York and Washington State and Oregon …….. all those other enclaves of liberalism. They can name their own president. I would recommend that you don’t have elections though. Just go ahead and crown a head of state whenever you want.  That way you won’t fight about it.



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