Hidden Meanings


As most of you know, I am a psychic. I also believe you’re psychic and whether or not it is in the forefront of your life, it is still there.

After finishing my degree, I searched around for a job in which I could use my degree and NOT TYPE. Well, I found one or two but the pay was $13K less a year than what I was making typing. Imagine how glad I was I’d spent $5K on a degree that was pointless.

I have always “picked up” things that were in my environment, such as the feelings of people, events, the general mood of a group, discontent, illness, despair. There wasn’t a lot of joy that I picked up on and that could have been my environment or a larger mirror of my life, where I was at, what I felt.

In 1987 I began teaching at adult education classes. The class was called Do Something Different and for $35 the students had three classes with three different psychics. I was one of them. My schedule was intense as I would have two or three classes a week and they, of course, were all at night. I found leaving my family at home and going to the classes was difficult but I did it for over a year.

I would read everyone in the room – usually 27 or 30 people. I gave them index cards to write down their first names and date of birth. I would give them their Life Path numbers and also the cycle they were in. If they were particularly receptive I would pick up on events and concerns in their lives at the moment and let them know. That’s the way I built my clientele.

I was so busy doing groups and reading people at my home in the evenings that I had to limit the number of readings I would do a week. It was exhausting work and I needed to rest. I also picked up anything they had physically, like a headache or the cramps. I was empathetic and took it on for them. I had to learn to protect  myself.

The hidden desires of my clients were not hidden from me. There were a range of concerns from jobs to money to relationships. Most of my clients hid things from themselves. They didn’t know how to be content, happy, and peaceful. I tried to help them in that regard, giving them affirmations, prayers and ways to meditate to relieve their stress and anxiety.

There were scary moments in my career. Like when a family, working with a detective that I had worked with, knew their daughter had been murdered and needed to find her body. That was a heavy time. I described the place, even getting something yellow on the ground, digging holes but not building anything …… it was a golf course under construction and the yellow on the ground was the parking lot where school busses were stored when not in use.

As a result of reading the mother of the murdered girl, I had to be in the car when she was killed. I had to psychically put myself in her position. I saw it all. I felt it all. I also felt the exultation of the murderer. Unfortunately he happened to be the father of the young girl’s daughter, a daughter that had to be protected from him.

All of this was hidden until I put myself in the murdered girl’s place. Then the range of emotions from anger to fear and then death ran through my mind. I had asked if the mother could take knowing what had happened, because I knew she was dead. The detective said they knew it already since there was too much blood in the car for anyone to survive the attack.

Not all roses, that job. Not at all. There were a few instances of working with detectives that turned out well. Like the woman who went missing the day after Christmas. I told her cousin that her son had the key and the name of the town where she was. Seems they thought he mentally had the key, but no, he HAD the key. He had checked the home he was renovating but didn’t check the garage. His mother was inside the garage hidden in the car, coming out to get snow for water at night. He didn’t open the garage, but he had the key. She was found, alive and well but emotionally a wreck. She was manic-depressive and was in the phase of extreme depression that hits right after the holiday is over.

There were many who came to me for advice who basically wanted me to take their lives and live for them. That got old. Also there were those who didn’t truly listen to what I said, but tried to work out their relationship problems the way they always had. It was sad to see women and young girls in horrible relationships but clinging to them rather than being “alone”. Alone is better than a bad relationship. They had no desire to be on their own long enough for the Universe to bring them the love they deserved.

Eventually, after 7 years, I had to stop reading. I was tired. I had other things to occupy me that were important for my child and my family. I didn’t have the time any longer to devote to it and  I needed rest. I slowly stopped reading. At first I would only take 6 appointments a week. And after doing that for a couple of months, I started only reading one day per week and then nothing. It worked better than trying to stop all at once as I could let my clients know one at a time.

Reading people was a blessing for me. I began to appreciate my life, my spiritual compass, my knowledge of what was important and what was not. If only those things weren’t hidden from everyone. If only.


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  1. True George says:

    thanks and you’re welcome


  2. Jennifer says:

    You’re interesting yourself! Love reading your blog. And thanks very very much for your service.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. True George says:

    makes a good story to tell…


  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ll write about almost everything. I only worked with private detectives though – except for the time I called the FBI about a missing child. Can you imagine explaining to the FBI that you’re psychic? They called me back – seems I was the only one who got the name of one of the suspects right. Still hard to call up the FBI and say, hey I’m a psychic and ………

    Liked by 1 person

  5. True George says:

    seem you are an interested person to know. Are you going to write abput some of the cases you helped the Police with


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