Handmade Room

I spend a lot of my day making things. All sorts of things. Sweaters, socks and shawls, art quilts, clothing, and collages. Since 1992 when we moved to our home in St. Clair Shores, I have had a room all to myself for my supplies and for work.

I have an old home now. It’s 102 years old this year. And it looks like it. I need to take the time, room by room, and redecorate. If only I weren’t somewhat age-challenged and had more energy I could get it done in a month. As it is, I hope to be finished by the fall of 2017. Work must be done.

I started this process in 2014 when I got rid off all the things that were not needed. I had an auction company come and clear out the basement (you would not have believed the bits and pieces in that basement all stacked one on top of the other) and also the attic where all the extra boxes of stuff we didn’t need from our last move went. That attic was a menace.

My husband died a couple of months after the auction and since I knew he would never come home again from the nursing home, I got rid of clothing and his things that I didn’t want to face moving if and when the time came. Luckily I don’t need to move. I’m fine here although I could wish for cheaper utilities.

On New Year’s Eve my son and I began switching my bedroom into a Fiber Studio and the sewing room (tiny) became my bedroom. He mentioned how we’d cleared the sewing room in only an hour. Well that was good, but it took us 4 hours to figure out how to get my bed frame apart and get it into the old sewing room. It’s huge and wouldn’t go through the doorway and turn a corner at the same time. There was no solution other than taking it totally apart, screw after screw, all of which were different. I think my husband put this together after the dementia set in and before I noticed exactly how bad it was becoming.

That done, the next day we began moving stuff from the hallway and organizing the Fiber Studio. I have art supplies on one shelving unit, patterns, fabric and various other bits and pieces on two others. I left my bookcase in the studio because I don’t have much room in my new bedroom. In fact my bed is up against one wall and I have my antique tiled nightstand on the other side, next to the radiator. I can’t make my bed the way I’d like because I can’t reach the other side. Sigh.

I not only sew and paint and design in my Fiber Studio, I also dye fabrics. I need water for that and so far I’m in the kitchen. I have to clear off the kitchen island, put down a plastic sheet over it, get out my containers for the cloth and the dyes before I can even begin dyeing. It is a chore just getting things out and putting them back. I am going to have an Art Studio this year if it kills me.

I have my wish list set up o Amazon. I will get a piece at a time. I only wish I could get a sink and running water in there and I may check with my favorite handyman company to see what it would cost. There is water laid on just beneath the floor of the room so maybe they can run it from there. It would be lovely to not have to dye in the kitchen. At least the Art Studio will hold the fabrics that are processing, the supplies and the design wall I need to get up.

There’s a list of things to do. Not only redecorate the house, but make another handmade room. OK. Now I just need to find around 20 people to help ………….


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