Primary Focus

I mentioned in my previous post that I was interviewed by a friend for his on-line news site. During that interview, he asked if I considered my art quilting to be my primary focus over the last 20 years. I said no. He then asked me if I thought I would have been more successful if it had been.

Hello? Artist to writer – you define success for me? No, I define success for me.

Primary focus? WTF is that???????? I’ve never had a PRIMARY FOCUS in my entire life and it sounds like if I did, I would need immediate medical assistance!

Seriously I do admire those who do one thing and stick to it like glue through thick and thin or sticky and not sticky. I don’t.

I have been a legal secretary, a mother, a wife, a practicing psychic, an artist, a follower of Sri Lord Krishna, a damned good cook and a master gardener. I spread myself, giving my talents to everything I can. I like spreading myself.

Since I thought selling all of my work for pretty damn good $$$ was successful, I knew that interview was going to go downhill from there. I had also had my work on permanent exhibition in Bloomfield Hills, MI and I was published 5 times.

He had worked as a financial journalist in Hong Kong for years and then retired and moved to an island off the coast. He began to write non-financial news and published a couple of titles. He also started his website for which I also wrote. I had a funny idea that his idea of success was a lot different from mine.

I explained to him where I got my ideas – that I am a psychic – that I worked as a psychic for several years – that my ideas come from deep inside. His response was “Why are you telling me this?” Hilarious. OK fella, you didn’t get the success thing and now you don’t get where it all comes from thing either. Wow. Guess we don’t have a lot in common.

I had been stewing about trying to make my work cohesive, have a theme, maybe work on pieces in a collection.  I do have a part of me that still wants to create a cohesive whole, but I won’t. I have to do what I do and that’s nothing repetitive.

I think I know how to get around this. Rather than knock myself out trying to do squares or triangles or pieces that hang together, I’ll just put my flipping name on them. That way, anyone who can read will know their mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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