Capable or Not – It Depends

It seems that every time I start a new pattern, I get to learn a new method of knitting.

I started Scarfy Thing Picture: Miki Barlok

the other night and finished section 1. Then I have to attach section 2. Seems it’s not just a matter of picking up stitches – no that would be too easy. I have to “join while you knit”. Okay. I looked at the video linked in the pattern. I didn’t get it.

I Googled the term and got several hits, none of which made sense. Back to Google. I think I have the join while you go down, but now I’m told it’s easier if you knit backwards instead of turning your work. Of course it is, I don’t know how to knit backwards. So I Googled that. I found a video that makes sense, after looking at several.

I had decided yesterday to just pick up stitches and have an ugly ridge on the wrong side. Then I screwed up and dropped a stitch. Hard to pick that up when it’s garter stitch. It involves all sorts of machinations I don’t have the patience to do. So I ripped it or “frogged” it if you’re a knitter. Since I was attaching this to the side of section 1, I didn’t have any live stitches to get unknitted. I just frogged.

Today, when I have the almighty patience required, I’m going to join as I go. And knit backwards. Hopefully I will finally get this technique so I can go on with the pattern.

This just illustrates what I’ve always said. Knitting is not for weaklings.


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