New Dye Colors!

I’m done with the necessary running around this morning and now I have gas in my car. Such a comforting feeling rather than looking at the gauge which read 1/8 of a tank. Not good.

I got new dye colors for my birthday a week or so ago. They’re Clear Carnelian, Bahama Blue, Marigold, Hot Hibiscus, Lime Squeeze (had that before and loved it), Peony and Periwinkle. I cannot wait to break open the jars and get going with them.

Last year I was going to make a couple of bed sized quilts, one for me, one for my son. Then I contemplated how I was going to quilt them and there’s no way I’m dealing with those quilts under a machine. Machine quilting quilts that large is an exercise in frustration.

I decided this month that I’m going back to hand quilting, even if it does take time away from knitting. I used to quilt and not knit. So now I’m going to do both, but quilting is more important.

Yesterday I put back together the top for my bed. I had cut it apart thinking I would do wall quilts with it. Here’s part of it


I love it. Wild in your face color, all over the map. No pieces that are uniform, which I must admit annoyed me at one point when the thing wouldn’t lay flat. I fixed that. Now it will be 120″ x 120″ and I just need to get a backing and the batting to get it down. Oh and clean off my table in the sewing studio so I can actually get the sandwich together. I’m too old to be crawling on the floor. Ever.

My son’s quilt isn’t yet a thing I can show you. Most of it went back into my quilt and so now I can dye some fabric for him and put the thing together all at once. His bed is smaller, thank God but it’s still full-size so it’s a big quilt. That too will be hand quilted.

I’ve been reading up a storm. I have Kindle Unlimited and have so enjoyed the E.R. Punshon Bobby Owen mysteries that I’ve purchased several. Like 20 more! I found George Bellairs while reading Punshon. He was listed on the side of the page when you search for Punshon’s Amazon page. I tried the first one and totally loved it. These are well-written, interesting and I didn’t figure out the murderer until the end.

I’m also embarking on a project to finish painting my kitchen. If only painting was it! I need to fill in the surface of my walls as they have some kind of plastic phony tile stuff on them. I don’t get it but it must have been all the vogue back when the kitchen was remodeled in the 1950s. They kept the original cabinets which are not true cabinets like we have now, but rather cabinets that were built into the wall. It would be nice to get rid of them and if I win the lottery I’ll let you know. I would love a modern kitchen all base cabinets (no wall cabinets) , wood countertops and a bank of cabinets on one wall from floor to ceiling. Sigh. Someday.

My kitchen has been transformed into the dyeing studio once again ……. off to work!




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