I Prefer Uneven

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

There’s something satisfying about a piece of work that is not symmetrical. There seems to be movement, a bit of serendipitous chaos in a disorderly piece of my work. Which is why my idea to explore squares is going to go by the wayside, quick.

This piece I’ve featured is called Meditation. I ended up with two of these, this one and its exact opposite. When I cut the wedges to make the circle on this quilt, I had upside down wedges for the next cut from the same pieces of strips. Satisfying.

I worked with metallic fabric here and it isn’t a favorite. I used it in another piece and the fabric split and frayed. A lot of Fray Check had to be used and that gets in the way of hand quilting. In the same manner spraying fixative on my work that has oil pastels on it would get in the way of a needle.

I’ve found that, while machine quilting makes a piece flat and stiff, hand quilting gives it softness. I also have more control over how the quilting is placed with hand quilting. Being able to quilt complex designs with a machine was never going to happen for me. I don’t have the patience and I don’t have the desire. If something can be done simply, I say do it. Machine quilting makes me nervous.

When I’m planning a quilt – which is usually me sitting at my work table cutting out fabric pieces – I want the design to move. I want visual even and uneven spaces in the quilt. I want depth of color and lack of color. I want light, dark and medium values to move the eye from place to place. The uneven places draw the eye and excite it, while the even places are a place of rest, normalcy and comfort. Both comfort and discomfort in the same piece give it character.


Thank God I go nowhere today. I’ve been out two days in a row in sub-zero temperatures at the grocery store. I think we’re set for food now for the foreseeable future and my sandwich guzzling son has been warned about 6 sandwiches a day. I only raised a son, daughters would have been on a diet by the time they were 13. Not so with a son – they just eat and eat and eat. Funny because his father ate like a starved man – of course only when I made something he loved. He loved soup and I miss making that for him. It took me forever to learn how to do it and I was always worrying about the broth and the seasoning. The veggies were easy – everything else was hard.

Back in the sewing studio today. I’ll be cutting apart the three pieces of dyed cloth I sewed together yesterday and continuing on with strip piecing. My new dye colors arrived yesterday – how’s this for a set of colors – Lie Squeeze, Hot Hibiscus, Bahama Blue, Peony, Clear Carnelian, Marigold and Periwinkle! I cannot wait to open them and begin. I’m going to go back to the dense fabric again – I like it so much better. I have found I can get an embroidery needle through it and today more embroidery and quilting needles arrive. I will be busy.


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