Cannot Do Squares

I was up in my sewing studio, messing with my squares yesterday. I got a piece together and it bored me to tears. I tried to add some life to it, it got worse.

What have I found out? I don’t care if my quilts don’t have a “common” theme to them. They’re going to have to survive being unlike each other. Doing the same thing over and over will drive me to the loony bin quickly. I do not want to do squares, triangles, rectangles or anything over and over and over. I will leave that to the true artists among us. I just want to do what I want.

I’ve been sitting peacefully for a time today. Not thinking, just being. Trying to get my aplomb back after I lost it last night. I lost it this morning too. I’ve decided to absent myself from social media. Social media is too social for me. I made a comment on IG yesterday and got dumped on by some ungodly woman who doesn’t think God is going to help anyone because he allowed Trump to win the presidency. Then I was on FB and commented on a post about movies re: that blonde woman who was so predictable the other night. I got bombed by two people I have never even heard of – complaining because I said I don’t go to movies. Well, I don’t. And I’m not sure that’s a reason to accuse me of right-wing hate. It’s just a fact. I do not go to movies. I don’t like the crowds in the theaters, I don’t have the patience to sit in an uncomfortable chair to watch a movie about anything. I can barely watch an old movie in the comfort of my own chair. It depends. If it’s a Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy movie or Christmas in Connecticut, I can watch those. I started watching And Then There Were None last night and will finish it tonight. I was just too tired to stay up to watch it last night.

The last movie I saw in a theater was The Mummy Returns when I went with my son. When they came in with the basket – which I knew contained a snake, I left and waited for him in the car. That’s the last movie I will ever go see. I did enjoy The Blues Brothers and Hopscotch but those were over 30 years ago, not current movies.

So resolutions. No squares. Maybe one or two stuck in with something else but no complete repetition of square after square after square. And no social media. I have enough to do I don’t need to be dis-entertained by weirdos with a strange agenda. And no more reading the news. Let the world blow up, I don’t care. It would be an improvement, me thinks.

Oh yeah, and I’ll buy knitting patterns from people who don’t tell me their political views. I just want the patterns, not a lecture.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank good I’m not the only one! They’re driving me nuts. They’ve bellyached and moaned said horrible things since November! I thought Obama was bad, but his followers are poison!


  2. kathy says:

    Oh boy, Jennifer, do I ever agree with you! It’s beyond frustrating to have an opinion nowadays; honestly, I’m totally for free speech, however where do these “liberals” get off literally pouncing on anyone who has a different opinion with their horrible rude comments?! They’re always blahblahblahing about how tolerant they are. Well, the way they react belies that load of crap. Oh yeah, I can’t do squares, either, but mainly because I can’t sew straight…;)


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