Books and Knits and Fun

I do love this book. I first looked through it when my son was in graphic design school. The color combinations had me drooling. It is laid out in a manner showing how color schemes can be used to market products. Red is stimulating, pink is happy and sweet, orange is friendly and vital, yellow is warming and sunny, brown is rich, blue is constant and dependable, green is soothing and refreshing (7Up comes to mind here ….), purple is sensual and elegant and neutrals show timeless, classic and quality.

Black and white are also covered, being powerful and mysterious and lightweight and pure, respectively.

I use color to express myself. I don’t use it to market anything, not any longer. In my earlier quilting days, when I was producing art quilt for sale, I fought against using colors in order to attract sales. Trying to make art and then trying to make art marketable are diametrically opposed to each other. Art is art, buy it or leave it. But an artist who tries to make marketable art soon loses all desire to make that art. At least I did.

You have no idea how many antique shows I did where I sold, or tried to sell, antique quilts. There would always be at least one customer, not at all sure they wanted to actually buy a quilt, who would waste my whole day questioning me about whether or not the quilt they weren’t going to by anyway was right for their living room, bedroom, whatever. Or they would ask me, “Did you make all of these?” Now I doubt they went to a furniture dealer in that same show and asked them if they “made these.” Antiques are antiques, whether it’s textiles or furniture – it’s old.

I’m working on something now with cloth that I dyed using the color combinations found in this book. You can see this post Results to see what color combinations I used. I love the way most of them turned out. There’s always one I would wish were different but it’s still useable when cut up and put back together with something else. Today I started the putting back together part and the overall color changes are working for me.

What colors appeal to you? I’m a bright color person – loving primary colors and turquoises set against red and orange, yellow with purple, red and green with yellow ……. I like in your face color, not washed out colors.

That’s why I love the knitwear designs of Stephen West, like this one


called Penguono and the designs by Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres like this one

Picture: Miki Barlok

There’s some major attraction for me in using different colors and weights of yarn in the same project.

My Penguono, which I do need to get a picture of, is predominantly blues with purples, pink, reds and an olive green with turquoise. I’m going to like wearing it. Wish it were done now because I’m freezing. I only have on 3 layers.




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