It’s So Cold …….

It was so cold . . .
I will admit I stole this. “It’s so cold, words froze in the air. If you wanted to hear what someone said, you had to grab a handful of sentences and take them in by the fire!”

Do you love it? That’s what it feels like today. I woke up to a house with the startling temperature of 57. OK that’s cold even for me. I run warm usually but I had to turn on the furnace. The heat pump (which pumps no heat when the outside temps are less than 15 degrees – well it pumps a little heat) was on all night. Set to 72 almost right in front of the thermostat and it managed to keep it a balmy 57 in here.

The infrared fireplace was going strong in the soon-to-be art studio. It warms up the whole back of the downstairs. I have around 2300 square feet and half of that – surprise – is downstairs.

I just check the outdoor temperature and it’s 13 degrees. We’re supposed to get up to 18, but I can’t see it. I’m going to have to nap today under 3 quilts to stay halfway mobile. I’m old.

I’m also going to cook. I do that every few days. We had leftover Potato Kale Soup yesterday and leftover Alfredo the day before so today is Tamale Pie day. I have my garlic cloves doused in olive oil and wrapped in aluminum foil along with a couple of teeny onions (where did they grow onions the size of golf balls?) roasting in the oven. They’ll be good in the pie, the roasting giving them more flavor.

My favorite ever vegetarian cookbook is Laurel’s Kitchen. My copy has duct tape holding the binding together, a lot of the pages are stained but if I buy a new copy, the same thing will happen. The only cookbooks I own without stains in them are ones I don’t like.

After the garlic and onions are done,  it’s just a matter of cooking the Morning Star Farms crumbles, dumping in my petite diced tomatoes, throwing in half a jar of chili powder and cumin. I have to make the polenta topping too – like that’s a stretch! Water, cornmeal, boil. Done.

I am short on cheese this time but I have hidden some from the roving food vacuum I call my son. He can eat his way through all the food in the house in a day. I’ve never seen anyone eat this much except for his father. He was 5’10” and weighed in at 170 when he was healthy. The thinnest member of our family and he ate us under the table daily. What he ate though, that was the story. No chocolate drenched cakes with ice cream – he’d rather have pickles. Somehow it doesn’t work for me.

I have to gear up for tomorrow. I’m going to do General Tsos Tofu tomorrow night. Between that and the Tamale Pie and the STILL leftover Potato Kale Soup – we should be set for a few days – if he doesn’t eat it all for a “snack.”